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little snack that caused a lot

Here I am today scratching my hand, my foot and all over the body. 
Allah tests me with this allergic thingy this week and to make it worse my phone dropped on the floor last night and the screen cracks. Yeay!
Never thought that allergic reactions gonna be this bad. I mean worst!  Its killing me. Scratching everywhere. Can't stop rubbin my feet together and my palm. Redness everywhere. And ut doesn't look nice at all. AllahuAkbar. 
Sending Mira to ward today before I work for night shift. Her tonsilectomy scheduled tomorrow. Hopefully operation goes well and no complications. 
When everyone is far away from their families automatically friends are your immediate family. No matter how annoying they are yet you need them in certain times. You'll never know how to appreciate your friends till they all you have in emergency. 
Ah, shall pay another visit to A&E this noon and get another jab of IV Hydrocort. Not a big fan of injection but I've no choice. Hopefully can resolve …