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keep calm and stay strong

Alhamdulillah for an awesome 2013, Ya Allah. 

Blessed with a good health. Though few tests from You but still able to breath now is the greatest gift after all. 
Blessed with supportive people around me. Though some people does 't like me that much but never mind. I got You. 
Blessed with crazy housemates. Though I'm not that helpful with the house chores sometimes. Haha. 
Blessed with never-fed-up bestfriend in Penang. Though I know she is tired listening to my complaints everyday. Haha. 
Blessed with super duper loving and caring parents. Though they have to fetch and send me to the airport almost every month! No one in the world can replace you Mak & Abah :')
My never ending tasks will never stop me from seeking love from You. 
Allah is near. Allah is listening.  Doa sebagai usaha. Dan jangan berhenti berusaha. Doa sebagai senjata orang mu'min. 
Ujian daripada Allah mesti bersebab. Setiap yang berlaku pasti bersebab. 
I just read Sebelum Aku Bernikah. Oh, gelakkan la saya…