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Halal Internal Auditing Workshop

hello people here i am in Mutiara Hotel,Johor Bharu attending partially the Halal Internal Auditing Workshop.yeah,not really attending but at least i gained some new knowledge on halal products.and plus new future planning for myself.there is no harm in planning right?
a little quick update before my sister's laptop out-of-battery.on tuesday i went to holiday plaza wandering around with my cousin.yesterday,i went to naoh's house and ate a lot of laksa johor.not that a lot but more than a normal lah.last night went to sedap's corner with the HDC trainers.this morning,we went to Pasar Tiram.OMG,they sold freaking worth buying clothes and shawls and scarves and everything is so cheap.compared to anywhere i've ever been.i bought scarves for my friend which are way much lower than those sold in Kelantan although actually the same thing was sold here.i bought myself a shawl and another one for my sister.for RM7.50 only.even Mydin sold it at RM8.90.amazing and worth spending.if…


hello people

so my holiday just started few days ago and it went well until today i had sore throat and mild fever.i am not that kind of pharmacy students who like to take medicine it doesn't matter a panadol or antihistamine or whatever it is.just let the sore throat and fever be there and insyAllah it'll go away week i plan to go to johor and have fun there for about a week.but i still haven't buy the ticket yet.

some of my plan this week didn't goes well same as friend bring my laptop to work in kl while i'm supposed to pick the laptop up at his house this evening after i service the i have to figure out other time maybe sometime tomorrow to take the brother is not coming back for raya so we did plan something for him.raya without him kind of meaningless but as emak said that his final exams are more important because this is his final semester and very crucial time for him.the same thing will happen to me next year.i really…

25 facts

"Once you have been tagged, you are supposed to write a note 25 random facts, or goal about you. At the end choose 25 people to be tagged, you have to tagged the person that tagged you. If I tagged you, it means I want to know more about you.
i'm pretty kind of dunno what to do now.actually i'm in the middle of sewing my jubah but suddenly remember that i haven't post anything since last week.and i remember wawa tag me with the question above.but i'm not gonna tag anyone cause i'm doing it for it comes my 25 random facts:
i was born on 30th september at 9.20 am and only 2.68 kgi love gadgets but i've to wait until i finish my study then i can change iti love baking (extremely love!) and cooking (lambat sikit nak minat ni) and sewing (paling lambat)try to improve my english language both the communication skills and writing skills (i wrote my dissertation with very very very bad english)i'm very bad in managing my ow money.even my parents money t…

vewy vewy quick update

im currently lepaking at Gold Course Hotel, near the Klang river. as near as I can see the river flow together with all the rubbish in it just activate my twitter account from celcom mobile.this is amazing like the statement "you dont need a smartphone to update your twitter status" LOL finish editing and compiling my dissertation that needs to be print and submit today my english sucks when i write the dissertation but i dont care anymore.
my plan after this: take my shower read a few clinical pharmacokinetic notes pack my stuffs and go back to puncak alam buy nasi ayam penyet for dinner on the way back to puncak alam print out and bind my dissertation and send it read international business after finish everything
insyAllah.may He give permission for me to do all the tasks today. and you take care and all the best. happy deepavali!
p/s when a kid said vewy it sounds cute but if you're an adult dont try to pronounce it like that