Friday, November 19, 2010


hello people

so my holiday just started few days ago and it went well until today i had sore throat and mild fever.i am not that kind of pharmacy students who like to take medicine it doesn't matter a panadol or antihistamine or whatever it is.just let the sore throat and fever be there and insyAllah it'll go away week i plan to go to johor and have fun there for about a week.but i still haven't buy the ticket yet.

some of my plan this week didn't goes well same as friend bring my laptop to work in kl while i'm supposed to pick the laptop up at his house this evening after i service the i have to figure out other time maybe sometime tomorrow to take the brother is not coming back for raya so we did plan something for him.raya without him kind of meaningless but as emak said that his final exams are more important because this is his final semester and very crucial time for him.the same thing will happen to me next year.i really will try hard so that everything will go as planned.insyAllah.

tomorrow we are having our annual activity and i'm hoping to take pictures of the cow and all the organs and will upload it to my friend said orang negeri sembilan semua bahagian lembu dia nak.its true.from the stomach until the brain.we will take everything and cook it.insyAllah who knows next year i'll be able to pay for my parents part for qurban?

forgot to tell you that i baked 3 cheesecakes last night and its kind of nice to see the cakes but i'm kind of sad because the chocolate cheesecakes do not turn out well.something wrong somewhere which i dont know why.need to figure out so that it'll become nicer and prettier than before.guess i should stick to my lemon cheesecake until i can overcome the chocolatey problems.

i dont know what else to write perhaps i should watch some videos on youtube cause the internet connection kind of good.take care people and selamat hari raya aidiladha.


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