Sunday, May 19, 2013

quick update from a sister

I miss my blog. 
Blame Sabah for it. Okay blame me.  

Alhamdulillah life in Sabah so far so good. Can't lie to myself that I'm fine here being 1012 miles away from my parents. You can see me smiling everyday in the pharmacy because my parents call me every night. In fact they call their kids every night. Tau sangat nak tunggu anak-anak call mesti abah emak dah tidur. Cause you know to travel more than 60km to reach the school everyday is not that easy for abah. Okay probably he'll said that its easy cause he has been traveling everyday since few years ago but for me her daughter, its troublesome. 

Now you understand why we celebrate Teacher's Day?

Sabah and Negeri Sembilan is not that far anymore. Since Nov 2012 I'm home four times already. 

Even my DPT pun dah nak terkoyak kulit dia. Abang kastam tak nak tengok dah DPT tu. LOL. 

Alhamdulillah, glad few friends datang melawat kami. Okay perasan. Datang melawat Sabah. Sabah ada macam-macam! Talk about the PRP life. To talk about UiTM life back then. Semua benda pun seronok. All the updates from everyone. Life is so good. 

I need to say something. To people out there. Don't bully my sister and her friends. Tak baik buat macam tu plus my awesome sister got black belt for her Taekwando okay? Jangan main-main. If I'm still there dekat UiTM dah kena dah budak-budak ni. Biasa dia eh buli adik-adik?

Plus she is my sister and will always be my sister no matter what happen. 
Ada tak puas hati come and talk to me. You never know how stressful she is with all this shitty things. I got two sisters one who is so nice to other people and another one like Hitler to others. But both really pentingkan orang lain dari diri sendiri. What else you want from them? 

To my dearest sisters,
Angah jauh sangat to protect you from other people but Angah tahu Alang & Adik tahu kan what to do in case of emergency. Show them your black belt Alang. Or smash them with all your rackets Adik. Susah sangat hentak meja waktu discussion macam Abah selalu buat bila kita tak dapat jawapan Add Math. 

Take care little sisters.

Millions of love from miles away,


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