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minggu ketujuh

hello whats up peeps?
so now im officially finish my industrial training and currently having a week break before the new semester start.what happen last week?it's quite nice and sad moment.
mr.faiz visit us on wednesday.manage to prepare the most stable toothpaste formulation.attend two talks from Prof Amel from Sfax University,Tunisia.and friday is my last day in CEPP.suddenly feel sad to leave my practical friends and supervisors there.they are really nice and my supervisor even made a keychain with my name on it.then after office hours,my auntie already waits for me and directly go back i'm out of johor less than 24 hours after i finished my practical.
another week before class start means lepaking and doing nothing academic.yesterday is such a very bad day to scanner can't be fixed.and pretty angry to my laptop needs to be serviced but don't have time to leave it there.even the contractor didn't come to my granny house for the cabinet.i'…

minggu keenam

hello semua apa khabar?minggu ini merupakan minggu terakhir saya di loji pandu kejuruteraan kimia.jumaat ini saya akan pulang ke rumah dan menikmati seminggu cuti sebelum saya pulang ke kampus untuk meneruskan setahun lagi perjuangan untuk menggenggam segulung ijazah.beberapa aktiviti telah berada di dalam kepala saya memandangkan cuti yang pendek perlu dimanfaatkan dengan sepenuhnya.memandangkan saya tiada kawan-kawan sepermainan jadi saya tidak perlu keluar dengan kawan tetapi saya perlu keluar dengan makcik dan nenek dan datuk saya.memandangkan abah dan emak saya juga bersekolah jadi saya lebih rela pulang ke kampung.
hujung minggu lepas saya ke pasir gudang kemudian saya pergi ke kota tinggi membeli kain untuk baju raya.kain-kain disana sangat murah sehingga saya dan mak cik saya telah membeli 5 pasang kain.kemudian saya telah dihantar ke rumah kawan saya di taman rinting untuk makan laksa johor yang sangat sedap.kemudia kami pergi menonton wayang bertajuk Sex and The City 2.sangat …

minggu kelima

hello world what's up everyone?sleeping already? i'm off to bed a few more minutes.cause tomorrow is wednesday and i've to toothpaste still under construction and its kind of boring to do same thing every single day.experiments are interesting but cleaning up are not interesting at all.i'll try to minimize the apparatus so i don't need to wash a lot of things in the end.
what happen last week? assigned new task to find formulation for fluoride free toothpaste.kind of interesting but yet still hard to find.i've to modify here modify there and check the stability.have to compare the commercial and homemade formulation.have to grind salt to make the particle as small as i can.getting bored with the task.
going back to bongek.have dentist appointment on saturday.attend wedding on saturday.going back to pedas in the evening.sleep early at night.i really love semester notes.the only thing that make me worry is i'll gain weight at…

minggu keempat

hello people
here i am in pasir gudang.its raining outside.and its cold. i had a very great time with my a lot of good food.and enjoy fighting with my cousin. that six years old kid really loves to bully me.
whats going on last week? i help farhanah to make her toffee or finally turns out to be hard candy. ate tomyam since wednesday until friday.honestly,im not a big fan of tomyam actually. i prepared may shower gel.both clear and pearl. i made another base cream which is more stable than before. i watched lagenda budak setan with balqis and hanah.which is a funny story with good song.
what will happen next week? im going back on friday. my appointment is on saturday. i hope my sapindus rarak will be here so i can do the experiment. academic supervisors may come but i don't know when. and the exam's result will be out.grrrrrr.i even dream about me fail one of the subject.
so, lets check this blog out.the tudungs are very comfortable to wear.honestly. buy it for your cousins or your k…