Monday, June 28, 2010

minggu ketujuh

whats up peeps?

so now im officially finish my industrial training and currently having a week break before the new semester start.what happen last week?it's quite nice and sad moment.

mr.faiz visit us on wednesday.manage to prepare the most stable toothpaste formulation.attend two talks from Prof Amel from Sfax University,Tunisia.and friday is my last day in CEPP.suddenly feel sad to leave my practical friends and supervisors there.they are really nice and my supervisor even made a keychain with my name on it.then after office hours,my auntie already waits for me and directly go back i'm out of johor less than 24 hours after i finished my practical.

another week before class start means lepaking and doing nothing academic.yesterday is such a very bad day to scanner can't be fixed.and pretty angry to my laptop needs to be serviced but don't have time to leave it there.even the contractor didn't come to my granny house for the cabinet.i'm such a loser.arghhhhhh.

today such be much better.i've already wash the clothes.will take my shower then bank-in some money then send comforters to laundry and then again to ask the contractor to come to my granny house.hopefully everything turns out good.

so what are you doing now?


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