Sunday, June 6, 2010

minggu keempat

hello people

here i am in pasir gudang.its raining outside.and its cold.
i had a very great time with my a lot of good food.and enjoy fighting with my cousin.
that six years old kid really loves to bully me.

whats going on last week?
i help farhanah to make her toffee or finally turns out to be hard candy.
ate tomyam since wednesday until friday.honestly,im not a big fan of tomyam actually.
i prepared may shower gel.both clear and pearl.
i made another base cream which is more stable than before.
i watched lagenda budak setan with balqis and hanah.which is a funny story with good song.

what will happen next week?
im going back on friday.
my appointment is on saturday.
i hope my sapindus rarak will be here so i can do the experiment.
academic supervisors may come but i don't know when.
and the exam's result will be out.grrrrrr.i even dream about me fail one of the subject.

lets check this blog out.the tudungs are very comfortable to wear.honestly.
buy it for your cousins or your kids or for your nieces.

and now i want to find a new templates for my blog.just wait for the new look.
take care and dont forget to eat.


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