Saturday, July 23, 2011


بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

ini entri mengenai syampu ke shampoo ke walau apa pun ejaan dia.i tried many many many types and brands of name it and i tried nearly most of it.

head & shoulder
herbal essence

unfortunately,i can't stick with the one and only shampoo.i don't know why after few months using it whether i'll get annoyed with the smell or i just feel like changing my shampoo again.

currently i'm using Loreal Total Repair like this one;

pretty good enough for my hair.i cut my hair short and use this complete product and it split dryness.and i'm loving it.however,there is one more thing that Loreal should try to combat.


i don't know whether its only me or anyone else out there having hair fall problem with Loreal.different people have different hair.but just in case if you experienced the same problem with me can you share what you did to combat it?

i would recommend you out there to try this product.nice smell.nice hair.use together with the deep mask.and night essence.insyAllah they can help you with your hair problems.

since i still have my herbal essence smooth lovin' serum i was thinking about buying another bottle of this;

but have't decide yet.still have some more shampoo left.dilemma oh dilemma.why lah its so difficult to choose the best and suitable shampoo for my hair? :S

any opinions people?leave your comment here.

i need opinions about facial wash too.will write about it later.

have a nice weekend everyone!


~fiOnAbEE~ said...

AGREE! loreal mmg penyebab rambot gugur! dulu gune gak pastu keguguran yg amatttt..sampai la skrg!
tak pernah lg jumpe syampoo yg btol2 bes..kalo gune yg ni kang,dandruff lak keluar..kalo gune yg tu,gugur ya rabbi lak..haih!

izzati said...

itulah pasalnya..
kang nak guna dua2 melampau pulak byk nye.takut lagi teruk je.ergh masalah betullah.

Mardhiyah said...

zati, kte dari dulu smp skrg, guna sunsilk smooth n silky warna pink tu je.. tak pernah tukar.. huhu.. im fine with it, bau pun kite suke.. tak pernah guna shampoo laen so kte tak layak mengrekemen huhuhuhu..

facial wash kite pakai scrubs apricot st ives, facial wash pakai simple je.... huhu so far okey :)

izzati said...


pernah gak try sunsilk pink tu dulu tp few years ago lah.maybe boleh try balik lps ni.hehe.

zati pakai simple jugak.dlu pakai yg oil control tp bila g facial org tu ckp my skin kering gile.guna yg deep conditioned tp still kering jugak.

aan jaafar said...

bet..aan jrg sgt champu rambut..sbb maken syampu maken gugur kdg2 klu blik kg,tepek gak ar santan atas pale..sjuk!best!.rmbut tebal so xkesah gugur bnyk mane 2 la..rse nk wat rebonding ar..hee..

n i'm having skin prob yg sgt truk skrg nh..dulu gne tia cm da mokshya kot,tia amelia bile xpakai skli naek sgale cela jrwat sume..uu..+ dgn tensyen+ekon..arghh..mmg nk cri new brand of facial wash gk ar..nnt bet da wat research,btau aan k..:)

izzati said...

@aan jaafar
haha ni ape kes nk buat rebonding plak.gune syampu je boleh.tak yah teknik rebonding :P

err bet x pernah try produk2 yg natasya ke tia amelia ke.tkt ade quinolone.nanti bet rajin bet buat entry pasal facial wash pulak.bolehlah kite try same2.

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