Sunday, July 10, 2011

monday oh dear

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

early in the morning i sent adik to school and then sent alang to pedas.after breakfast i went to KL and later in the evening went to Shah Alam to take my academic transcript.

the story begins when its difficult to start my car at pedas but i ignore it hoping that the battery can last few more days.i even told mar at shah alam before went back that i don't know whether i'll be able to start my car or not.alhamdulillah from UiTM i drove back to rembau.i still have quarter of fuel in the tank but i can't concentrate on my driving cause i'm too i've to make a decision whether to continue driving and put others at risk as well if any accident occur or or or should i stop at R&R and buy some snacks for me to munch.i don't want to stop at first because i'm afraid i won't be able to start my car back.


i decided to stop at R&R Seremban at petronas to fill in my tank and buy peanuts and green tea.soooo nak dijadikan cerita when i came back to my car tadaaaa i can't start my car at all.dalam hati dah tahu dan confirm battery sudah habis punya.the petronas's workers help me to find jumper but unluckily they cannot find they said i can call PLUS and they can jump start that car for,i called plus then off to surau.

one foreman came and ask whether i'm using dry or wet battery.honestly i don't know at all about that battery.i only remember to check my water level before i travel.he checked and said its bateri basah ni kena guna air.when PLUS ronda came to jump start they checked my battery water level and guess what its empty.shall i blame myself for not realizing it or shall i blame perodua because they didn't check my battery water level? that foreman offer me a new bateri basah for RM180.but i only have less that RM150 in my hand.i decided to ask PLUS ronda to jump start my car and change battery later at rembau.

nak dijadikan cerita i changed my battery at rembau and they charged me RM 180 for that no-maintenance-required battery and even minus RM5 because they took that old my mom paid RM175 for my new battery.ladies out there,at least learn how to check your battery water level,your minyak hitam,your water level definitely.the foreman and PLUS ronda said "biasalah perempuan tahu bawa kereta tapi nak check semua tak tahu"

an example of maintenance free battery.mine is more handsome than this lah.

whatever lah.a new experience for me.sila jadikan teladan.
take care!


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