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two weeks of holiday

hello there
i've finished my retail practical and try to enjoy the rest of my holiday.uitm postponed our class so another week of holiday means yeaay!!a lot of things can be done.a lot means a going to jonker walk with yang mahirah and others.having christmas hi-tea at concorde sepang with family.and i'm off to langkawi tomorrow with my aunties.although this is the first time in my life i didn't follow other family members to go to sarawak for holiday but never mind.i'll go to langkawi.
i love my practical.i love everyone there.and definitely gonna miss them.working from 9.30 to 5.a great experiences gained.a lot of drugs learned.but i haven't completed my log book yet.owh dillydallying again!
i'm waiting for the course registration to open.then i'm off to emak's school to get my jeans.yesterday i packed my stuffs to spend a few nigths at pedas and in langkawi.after isya' i realize i didn't bring any jeans and i have 2 long pants for sleep…

weekend again and again

hello there
saturday and sunday is here again.and i'm blogging from pedas through my new white small and cute little broadband.he's doing very good today and i even get the best speed here in far so little cousins have been watching cartoons since morning and i have to watch it too.poor wan because she can't watch her favourite worries wan because all the kids are going back to kuching next monday and you'll have the entire day for you to watch the television.
i can say that i enjoy my life lately except i'm allergic to something that i think the most probably is my pillow,carpets and affect my face and some part of the first i thought it is the acne but it is not actually.i don't know what to do and maybe tomorrow i need to clean up my messy room and do some vacuuming and rearranging.maybe so packing too.
talking about my result.alhamdulillah although my gpa is decreasing but still it is above 3.0 and my cgpa above 3…


hello there
its December already and i'm gonna start my new semester on the 4th january 2010.another few weeks to spend at home.practical at pharmacy really helps me to memorize some drugs and learn new things.but i can't describe the tiredness in me every time i come back from the first week i can't stand to walk around and stand for a very long time.but in the second week its getting better.
my precious saturday and sunday is i understand why people really appreciate a day off from work.its the only time when you don't have to spend so much time outside.relaxing yourself at home and no early morning wake up.and i even have some time to blog.i haven't completed my log book yet.really want to do it every night but then by 10.30 i'll fall asleep i front of the television already.but i promise to myself that i'll finish it before the new semester start.
my result will be out on the 10th december.i really hope i don't have to repeat any paper…

selamat hari raya aidiladha

hari ini hari cuti sebab hari raya.maka minggu ini ada 3 hari cuti. rasa bahagia dapat berehat di rumah. abah dan emak gelakkan sebab kami yang baru bekerja sangat penat bila balik rumah sedangkan mereka sudah bekerja berpuluh tahun pun tidak rasa begitu. tapi memang hakikatnya sangat penat.semalam selepas doa dan tahlil untuk arwah atuk terus terlelap di atas kerusi sehingga adik kejut untuk balik rumah.sampai di rumah mata segar sehingga pukul satu.tapi masih malas mahu menaip case note untuk semalam.
tahun ini ada sedikit kelainan kerana abah dan emak mengadakan korban pada hari raya kedua dan di buat di tampin.selalunya selepas solat sunat hari raya kami akan tukar baju dan segera ke rumah atuk yang menyembelih lembu.sebab itu kurang sedikit rasa hari raya tahun ini.alang juga sedang berjuang untuk spm maka masa harus diberi sedikit untuk dia mengulangkaji.
sebenarnya rasa mahu menulis tapi tak tahu hendak tulis apa.macam ada banyak benda hendak ditulis tapi sebenarnya pokok pangkalnya…

cuti yang habis

hari ini hari ahad bermakna esok cuti saya akan tamat dan bermula kehidupan saya sebagai pekerja di farmasi sentosa.honestly,i'm very lazy to go to work but i've to.but i've maximized my two weeks holiday before and after this practical wisely.before the practical start i went to penang and after this practical end i'm going to langkawi.insyAllah.
sejak balik dari penang hobi memandu itu telah memenatkan 10 pm i'll fall asleep and then wake up at 5 am which is not really productive because i dont know what to do at that time.malam ini saya berjaya tidak tidur awal setelah dikejutkan oleh abah.and when it is school holiday you know everybody wants to get married and my parents received nearly 10 invitations to wedding ceremonies and it is continuous until the school is open in january.i love to attend wedding ceremonies because sometimes they offer good food and cute souvenirs too.
and today i don't know what to do.i was thinking of watching 500 days of su…

de feringghi hotel and restaurant

hello people
i'm currently using the hotel's free wifi and travelling with mini laptop is so great and useful.its raining last night and no sunrise for me today.hopefully the weather will be okay until tonight.i just feel a little bit tired but i don't know why.

last night we want to have dessert at hard rock cafe but unfortunately there is no more dessert and me and hanah is not 21 yet to enter the cafe after 10.30 p.m.i pity bed because of us she can't go inside have to wait till next year and then we can go to hard rock cafe or any other cafe that you want.i was craving for something sweet last night but only cream caramel left at the lebanon restaurant.better go back to the hotel room and online.

i realized that i changed the pictures format to RAW and i have to convert the pictures to JPEG because without proper extension,laptop can't view the pictures.and i can't completely do it now because my battery is limited and until i safely arrived home i can …

coffee bean kl sentral

heyya people

i'm here waiting for my train at coffee bean kl sentral.usually i'll lepak at starbucks but today lets change our destination.and i love the choices of cakes here.but i think many indonesians love to lepak here too.i'm having dark chocolate peppermint and orange poppy seed cake.and i think i should eat something heavier for my dinner before start my journey.

i'll be back on wednesday morning.this time around i have my father's laptop with me and my brother's nikon d40 with tripod.i kinda love this backpacking trip until i'll have to carry all these things around tomorrow.hopefully its getting lighter by the time we reach penang.

okay i'll finish my foods and wait for bet or hanah to come then go and pray and wait for the train.enjoy your holiday people and if you want anything from penang just sms me.insyAllah i'll find it for you and if you're already in penang let me know then we can eat nasi kandar together.take care and enjoy your …

seminggu bercuti

hello there
cuti saya sudah bermula semalam.and now i'm already at home surfing the net and downloading with super speed internet and enjoying every single time i have here.without thinking about exams and i'm off to penang tomorrow.backpacking with the girls and exploring brother dengan murah hatinya meminjamkan his camera to me and we're going to play with it.
pagi tadi usai menghantar emak ke sekolah untuk memenuhi undangan hi-tea di concorde inn,me and my sister went to pedas and we had lunch there.the delicious ikan sembilang and gulai ikan is can't find it anywhere.damn delicious.and spending time with grandma and aunties and cousin really make you feel happy.they're always supportive and full with informations and gossips too.
it's raining here and tak berhenti since 11 a.m tadi.i'm off to pasar malam and directly to alang's hostel to meet her.i want to wish her all the best for spm and i hope she can do it.spm is another st…

the last one

hello people tomorrow gonna be the day that all of us have been waiting for because our last paper is tomorrow.i know again i shouldn't be in front of my laptop and blogging but i just want to.who cares right?
so,our plan tomorrow after exam is off to One Utama and watch movie and eat sushi.since the last time we hang out together is during buka puasa so i don't mind spending some amount of money tomorrow night.i hope nothing will disturb our plan because lately it seems like there are too many things happen suddenly and our life has been a little bit upside down.
alhamdulillah only one more paper waiting to be answered and i hope its gonna be okay.i can't say much about the previous paper especially pharmacognosy because i can only pray that i'll pass that paper.that is my biggest mistake in my life and if i've to repeat the paper i'll study hard and remember all the names by heart.but i hope i don't have to repeat because there'll be a lot of problems es…

senyap seketika

i choose to keep quiet and make a distance with outside world for a while.i'm so stress lately and at first i turn off my laptop and freeze my plurk account and i hope no one will disturb me.i'm not even smsing anyone but why on earth you guys keep on smsing me?i know maybe playing a joke with me is not a big problem but please be careful with what kind of joke you are playing and with whom you are never know how stress i am till i need to call my father and asked him to pick me up here?and what you guys are happy to see i'm stress?

so please stay away from my life.i turned off my handphone this evening and will only answer calls from my parents.if you think you need to find me please try to call my friends.i hope you guys will never disturbed me again.i need friends in my life but not the one who will hurt me and try to apologize when they want because you never know me.

let me take my last three paper calmly and i'm tired of shoulder for me to cry…

siapa sahabat anda?

hello there.i know i shouldn't write everyday because i have to study for exams but i want to write a few things here so i can feel a little bit relax.i love to show my feelings here.
kamu sudah baca tulisan saya sebelum ini?kamu faham apa yang saya rasa?kamu boleh fikir apa yang saya fikir?mungkin tidak dan mungkin ya.saya tak peduli tapi saya mahu katakan saya berkecil hati dan kecewa dan bersedih dengan kawan-kawan yang saya kenal sejak asasi dahulu.kamu salah menilai mana yang baik dan mana yang buruk.kamu sepatutnya mengenali kami lebih dari orang lain.kita berkawan setahun yang mana hanya 44 orang sahaja.kita makan,minum,tonton wayang dan bergelak ketawa sama-sama.kita sambut hari lahir bersama.kita buat pelbagai benda bersama.sehingga sekarang kita tetap begitu.
saya anggap kamu semua adik-beradik saya.kamulah abang dan kamulah kakak saya.tapi abang mana sanggup menuduh dan memfitnah adik sendiri.saya tidak kisah jika kamu kata tidak pernah menganggap kami adik kamu tetapi ho…


kali ini mahu menulis dalam bahasa melayu.sudah lama rasanya menulis dalam bahasa inggeris.alhamdulillah tiga kertas peperiksaan sudah berjaya dihadapi dan tinggal lagi tiga.susahnya soalan itu jangan dipersoalkan kerana kata abah, "kalau angah kata susah,orang lain susah tak?".yang lepas tetap lepas.kalau menangis air mata darah sekalipun tidak boleh mengubah apa-apa.seharusnya redha dan tawakal dengan apa yang telah diusahakan.
malang nasib kami.seharusnya kami bergembira hari ini.pelbagai benda telah kami rencanakan tetapi kerana perbuatan dan kata-kata kami semalam semuanya berubah.kawan-kawan,seharusnya kamu semua tidak bertindak melulu.bertanya dahulu kepada kami kebenaran komen-komen di facebook itu.semua orang tertekan kerana susahnya peperiksaan yang sudah lepas itu tetapi jika satu kebetulan terjadi apakah itu boleh kamu jadikan bahan untuk terus menyalahkan dia?sangat tidak betul.kamu semua terlalu melulu.apa perasaan sahabat saya yabg lain itu?apa perasaan saya ju…

tak suka

saya rasa sangatlah tak suka awak sekarang.tolong jangan cuba dekat-dekat.kalau saya sedang berusaha dan awak tak kacau pasti saya berjaya.pergi main jauh-jauh.


suddenly im so sleepy while reading alkaloid.if you wonder what alkaloid is please google it.i need to finish this last piece of note,i made another cup of nescafe and hopefully i can stay up till subuh.and tomorrow please don't disturb me because im going to sleep till noon.
the biotechnology paper is over and i think i've done my best.although i can't answer question 1 and 4 but i try my best to write something.hopefully im gonna pass that paper.and for this coming pharmacognosy,i hope what dr.syed adnan showed to us on my birthday will come out.hanah and i typed the words from the slides back and we hope at least we can do something to help each other right?
i think im getting fatter.i eat a lot and nescafe really make gain some weight and have some more fats around.this is another reason why i didn't like exams.stress induced you to eat more and your weight is out of control.i've to eat because im afraid my gastric will come during exams and i already …


saya lapar dan rasa mahu makan macam-macam tapi retainers ini buatkan selera saya terbantut selagi saya tak dapat menyesuaikan diri sampai bila-bila saya akan macam ini.saya betul-betul lapar dan nak makan benda yang manis.saya akan makan kinder bueno dan minum nescafe sambil belajar.dengan harapan saya tidak akan lapar lagi.


hey there im at home now wasting time with internet and stuck in front of this laptop. seems like my life is so great without exam.but still i was thinking about it.
so,after zuhur i went to melaka for my dentist appointment.and the brackets is not here anymore.finally after 4 years and 10 months and 4 days all the brackets have been removed except the lower front brackets.its feel weird but my teeth look two front teeth is bigger so it is quite obvious.somehow,i'll have to wear retainers tomorrow.and there'll be some wires on my teeth.i hope it'll take 3 months only.
then,im off to melaka mall and watched papadom with en.norzhafran.he was late and we cant find our seat and yet decided to sit at the 3rd row from the front.actually the seating is different from the screen that shows seats during booking.thats why im confused when finding the matter what i should really thanks apan.without him i'll end up watching the best and funny papadom retu…

final exam is here

hello people
finally all the classes is over and now the final examination is knocking on the door i never like examination.and i think nobody likes it too but after exam is the best time to enjoy and relax with your friends and family i wish i can find cheap tickets to sarawak after exam but i dont think i can so better plan something with my friends before my practical starts
i already assigned what i've to study everyday and hopefully im disciplined enough to follow the tight schedule.perhaps i should be more disciplined at home too.proof it to abah that i can study at home.insyAllah.i didn't expect to get dean's list award this semester because i don't feel like learning anything this semester!im a little bit lost especially finance.i need someone to teach me that 'interesting' subject.i know i love calculation and even i scored A for marketing that doesn't have any calculations but i just hope i pass this finance paper.
i dont know how and where and when to s…


i have another minutes before im off to bed not really sleepy but i have to get another hour of sleep afraid i'll fall asleep in dr.wong's class this morning.before this webpage failed to load better i write i wish i can write more.
here it is. my final exam is already at the first paper on the 30th october. im going to remove my braces on the 27th october.insyAllah. my last paper is on the 12th november and we've planned a few activity.
i have not finish my assignments yet but i believe i can do it. lots of things in my mind but i can write it all.time is the limit.
its 5 am already then see you later people. take care and good luck.

sibuk sibuk sibuk

i really need extra time for myself.i think my body is having some sort of stomach and back discomfort.for this two weeks time i think i should ignore this things but i'll pay a visit to the nearest clinic when im going back home for my braces removal.
the internet is getting slower day by day and my newly reformat laptop is doing good despite im missing certain applications.list of assignments and labs is getting longer and my printer is not doing his job.this is so ridiculous.the mandarin test is over but still we need to complete the drama part to be submitted next losing my precious weekend again.
my laundry is waiting in the toilet so i'll write again when the time is here and the internet is doing lab this afternoon is related to frog.although i have my own mr.frog but i never like the real going to make a distance between me and the frog.
take care people and enjoy every minute of your life wherever you are whoever you're with.

one utama

here i am sitting in the middle of one utama new wing waiting for buka puasa and try to load a few web pages for veterinary assignments.i dont know how long will my battery last and the internet connection is not much different than puncak alam.a little bit better.

i have a family gathering this sunday but suddenly we've a module to attend so i can't go to bangi and gather with my cousins again *sigh*.

i never know how hurt it is when someone that you love leave you is so easy to give thousand advices to people but when it comes to you,nothing you can say to make your heart better.just hoping that time will heal all the i agree that never ever hate someone because in the end you might fall for the same person and dont ever love someone like there is no tomorrow because maybe one day you will hate that person.both events occur to me.and speechless to say what i should do friends are getting worried but i think im doing good today.much better than yeste…

sudah berhabuk!

should i blame the internet connection or my dear laptop for not updating my blog lately?or me myself who does not really care about it.but at least i still remember you not totally forgotten about you.the internet connection is getting more ridiculous lately and unfortunately my laptop was attacked by a virus which forced me to reformat my laptop.and i have to wait till i downloaded every driver from the internet then i can reformat takes time and i hope it will be so much better after this.
so a lot of things happen.jamuan hari raya.the professorial lecture.birthday was great.too great and meaningful to me especially when i turned 20.not a teen-agers anymore but no worries because most of my friends already entitled to vote and im im still young.jamuan hari raya was successfully organized by all of us.everyone contribute and enjoy it.i try my best for it and thats what i can not perfect so there must be some mistakes somewhere.sorry for that.p…

hari raya

hari ini sudah hari raya kedua dan sudah 5 hari berada di rumah.
hari raya seperti tahun-tahun sudah juga.jadual yang sama.aktiviti yang sama.orang yang sama.tiada yang berbeza.yang pergi tetap pergi.yang baru jejak kaki ke dunia tetap masih baru.
dan malam ini seperti biasa teratak sederhana ini akan sedia menanti kedatangan saudara-mara yang berkereta-kereta.mereka sangat ramai.sehinggakan saya sendiri tidak mengenali mereka.mereka datang.makan berbual ketawa dan pulang itu sahaja.jumpa setahun sekali.mungkin di kenduri kendara juga.tapi sekurang-kurangnya saya tahu saya punyai saudara-mara lagi.indahnya aidilfitri.

lebih gembira jika saya katakan tahun ini Allah beri saya berpuasa penuh sebulan.tidak perlu fikir untuk menggantikan puasa.kali terakhir saya penuh berpuasa mungkin semasa tingkatan 3 atau 4.insyAllah jika panjang umur akan disempurnakan puasa sunat syawal pula.tahun ini kerap kali ketemu dengan bayi.mereka comel,manja dan tidak tahu apa-apa.sepupu saya ramai yang sudah be…

sedang menanti

and here i am waiting for edyham to start our journey back home.
never getting used with tell me how long to wait and in the end i'll.
maybe my middle name was destined to be waiting.

you know what sometimes i wish when i come back home
my mom will approach me and talk about someone to me
maybe her friend's son or whoever it may be
haha.sounds desperate i think?
but thats real.

although most of my close friends still single of course we want to have a boyfriend too one day.maybe the time is not now.and by the way,i just realized that im not even 20 a few weeks time im not a teen-agers anymore.i think i have to enjoy my single and teenagers years before being in a relationship with someone.

from my own opinion having someone close to you really helps when you need someone to talk,to get mad with and to laugh.i used to have a very close friend during matriculation.thats my first time having a boy as my close friend.we talked about everything.he loves foo…

last lecture before aidilfitri

hello again

im writing this entry after my last lecture just now.
and now here i am sitting alone in this empty house again and no one is here.
everyone is on their way back home last iftar here will not be as great as before but no worries.besides,im having some sort of diarrhea today.may i say the worst diarrhea after a few years.its really killing me and i think i really need to depends on ranitidine everyday during sahur.or else i'll have this one kind of stomachache during the day.

i found out i've a collection of nasyids downloaded during previous ramadhan at our just another way to release out the boringness in me.did i told you that during high school we love to sing nasyid and that time a few songs really stuck in our head and we can sing it anywhere we like.miss the good old days people.

last monday,another great outings with my friends.3 years is another big numbers we didnt meet each other and like we got lots of stories to share,lots of memori…

weekend is finally here

hello there

im so sorry its been a while since my last entry.just finished my pharmacognosy test this morning and its like i need some extra sleep tonight.however,we planned to iftar at one utama and watch the ugly truth after that.will update later about today if the internet connection permits me to do so.i've been going back home every week since ramadhan but this weekend i'll stay here.i should say this week is another busy week for me.i come back to campus monday night.i've reading test and quiz 3 for mandarin on tuesday.which i didnt study anything during weekend.then on wednesday which is yesterday we've a choir competition.unfortunately we failed to be the winner.after that we've faculty's annual iftar at angsana.ikan bakar served for iftar is the best ikan bakar in puncak alam i think.

i forgot to tell you that last weekend i went to zoo melaka with adilah,ned and najwa.najwa is adilah's sister and she has a lot of things to talk and sometimes shes t…

when i sleep unconsciously

lately i sleep without proper doa,without proper bantal
and the result is saya mimpi bukan-bukan

last night i woke up at 1 o'clock dengan terperanjatnya
how can suddenly you appear beside me
siapa tak terjaga kalau tiba-tiba mimpi macam itu?

so hanah advice me to sleep properly next time barulah tak mimpi pelik-pelik
if i know im gonna fall asleep absolutely i'll sleep properly
usually i dont have any intention to sleep when i lay down
thats why i dont prepare anything except i already brushed my teeth

i wonder why...
you keep a distance between us.okay,thats good for me.
i keep on dreaming about you.its not relevant at all.

whatever it is i've to accept it

take care and have a nice day

the olive oil finally

alhamdulillah finally the presentation for olive oil berjaya disampaikan
i can mark this as difficult presentation to understand and to deliver and to collect information
i dont know about others but after our presentation is till cant really understand what its all about.maybe i really need to study pharmacognosy for this coming test harder.

this week perhaps is another good week for me except one thing
forget about the not good thing
i've completed two presentations and both are fine.alhamdulillah.
another reading test for mandarin next week and pharmacognosy too.

i was thinking of going back tomorrow if and only if someone offer me to go back too
but still my schedule is flexible and i can change anytime i want
even we're thinking of going to malacca this sunday.
a visit to taman buaya and break fast at ikan bakar and sleep over at my house
monday is another public holiday for us.time to relax and prepare for test.

i think my parents want me to go back.sometimes i think both of them mu…

Happy Birthday Mak

1st september,
happy birthday mak
may Allah bless you and semoga panjang umur dan murah rezeki

and today it turns out to be my presentation for biotech and
i manage to overcome the nervousness in me
so finally we get the best presentation for today
and zah and i announced as the best speakers
today is another great day
hopefully my pharmacognosy's presentation can be as great as this one

awak lagi

why i keep on dreaming about you?
its not that i dont want to.
i'd love to dream about you everyday but why now?
why when the time is too short for me.
why when you're taken from me too soon.
why not last year or last 2 years.

and now i wonder
am i the only one missing you or you're missing me too?
i know you'll never answer it but at least if one day
you read my blog and feel like to answer this questions please do so

but it'll be great if i dream about you every single time when i fall asleep

happy fasting and im off to puncak alam today *sigh*


i wonder why last night you appear in my dream
its kind a weird to dream about you and me

i just can pray that its gonna true

tomorrow im off to puncak again and say goodbye to my house

i dont know if im coming back again next week

happy 52nd merdeka malaysia

hujung minggu II

hujung minggu kembali lagi setelah penuh dengan ujian
dan akan kembali ke rumah walaupun seketika
memandangkan semua orang pulang maka abah pasti tak yakin jika tinggal disini seorang diri.sebelum dibebel lebih baik buat keputusan untuk pulang.

minggu lepas ketika punyai temujanji dengan dr.jasbir,beliau telah memasang satu paltform yang sangat menganggu proses pengunyahan berlaku.siangnya tidak terasa seperti menyusahkna tetapi bila ingin berbuka hendak mengunyah pun susah.sudah seminggu susah hendak mengunyah dan akibatnya semua makanan ditelan seperti bubur dan akhirnya akan sakit perut.itulah risiko yang harus ditanggung bila gigi sudah degil dan tidak mahu bergerak lagi ke belakang.tidak tahu apa yang akan dipasang pula selepas raya nanti.

hari selasa lepas telah dimarahi oleh seorang sahabat.jarang sekali dia berkata begitu walaupun ulangkaji terganggu akibat kata-katanya.sedikit sebanyak bila dia bersuara pasti akan tersentuh juga hati ini.ada tinggalan kesan juga.berdiam sampai ke…

minggu ini

kesibukan yang melanda minggu ini sungguh memenatkan.walaupun tidak dipenuhi dengan mesyuarat-mesyuarat yang entah apa tujuannya di waktu malam,kepenatan tetap terasa.menjelang pukul 11 mata pasti sudah kuyu.lari sahaja atas katil pasti terlelap.kemudian terjaga pukul 3 atau 4 dan terus kekal sampai sahur.tiada siapa antara kami dapat jelaskan mengapa begitu mengantuk.mungkin terlalu kenyang.tapi agak mustahil kerana kami jarang makan dengan terlalu banyak.atau ini dugaan bulan ramadhan.atau sebenarnya memudahkan kami berjaga malam.banyak kemungkinannya.

minggu ini adalah minggu merdeka.malaysia menyambut hari kemerdekaan yang ke-52.perancangan asal tidak mahu pulang dan akan menyambut merdeka di sini.tetapi apabila hampir semua teman serumah pulang,perasaan ingin pulang melonjak-lonjak.sebenarnya tidak mahu tinggal berseorangan di bilik.bahaya boleh mengundang tekanan perasaan dan kemurungan.tetapi siapa mahu tumpangkan sampai ke destinasi berhampiran?

banyak perkara berlaku minggu ini…

wahai hati

wahai hati,
tabahlah kamu,kuatlah kamu
jangan kamu bersedih lagi

wahai hati,
fahamilah dunia belum berakhir lagi
banyak yang kamu harus pelajari
banyak liku hendak ditempuhi

wahai hati,
belajar berdikari dan bersendiri
mereka tidak memahami
apatah lagi mahu menyelami perasaan sendiri

wahai hati,
ubatilah diri kamu
makanlah ubat terbaik di dunia
jumpalah doktor terhebat di bumi ini
jika tidak
berikan masa untuk sembuh sendiri

wahai hati,
satu hari nanti kita tidak akan sendiri lagi

dunkin donut itu

pernah satu masa aku berada di dunkin donut menanti bas ke melaka
telah aku catatkan sesuatu di dalam buku yang baru aku ketemu

menyayangi orang yang salah itu sakit
memang sakit
lebih sakit untuk diungkapkan
tapi rasa lega bermaharaja
walaupun sedih menyelubungi
ya.sangat sedih.mungkin ibarat putus cinta
dasarnya aku tidak pernah bercinta
menyintai tapi tidak disayangi kembali
itu bukan cinta.itu dongeng.

aku tak pinta lebih
cuma kekuatan untuk aku belajar menerima kenyataan dan melupakan kamu
lupakan apa kita lalui
lupakan apa yang kita katakan dulu

sebab itu coretan masa lalu sering menggambarkan emosi waktu itu
kekacauan yang berlaku

a life game

so what do you think is going on here
freaking busy with meetings very single night
cant divide time well to study
cant answer correctly during test
i can feel the stupidity in me
if and only if my father know my activity last few days here definitely he'll get angry.what laa izzati.this simple matter pun you cant handle it by yourself.

next week is getting a lot more crazier
presentation for veterinary pharmacy and pharmacognosy
test cardiovascular and respiratory
merdeka celebration
flyers for ramadhan every 3 days.
the last task is killing me.gotta to spend some time in front of lappie to do it.

i dont know what type of life game or heart game you are playing
i wonder what is the purpose of me in your life?
but as the game is on i'll keep on playing and will never surrender
i wont ask the judges till when i have to play
maybe somewhere in october?

you try to run but i keep something which someone accidentally told me long time ago.dont blame her.i know it earlier even you dont want to tell …

sibuk seperti lebah

seriously i dont know how to manage my precious time
i've to attend meetings everynight this week and for me its freaking terrible
i dont have time for myself to sit back and do some revision
im too tired and fall asleep easily

Ya Allah,please give me some strength to overcome all these stuffs

test biotech telah dijawab dengan menembak sehingga kehabisan peluru
itulah penangan jika study last minute dan tak beri tumpuan dalam kelas
honestly i cant really answer 50% of the question

i cant remember what i've read.and lack of focus in class.and i was damn tired that day.

pharmacognosy class start at 8.30 am and followed by finance class till 1 pm
in the evening,met my mentor till 5 pm and give some support for public speaking till 7 pm
then im off to shah alam at 7.50 pm and i reached puncak alam back at 1 am
i havent finish reading my notes that time and my plan to stay up failed cause i fall asleep till 5.50 i passed through the notes and luckily no class this morning so i…


semalam saya menangis lagi.walaupun hanya berchatting dengan jaja meluahkan rasa takut mengenai mati.saya takut hendak tidur bimbang tak berpeluang melihat dunia lagi hari ini.tapi setelah menerima nasihat jaja,akhirnya saya tidur dengan redha apa yang akan berlaku nanti.alhamdulillah umur saya masih panjang dan berpeluang melihat dunia hari ini.berpeluang menjadi pengacara majlis untuk program pemantapan wawasan hari ini.berpeluang bertemu dan berbual dengan yang hari ini.alhamdulillah.

mungkin bebanan tugas dan kepenatan dan kerinduan untuk balik ke rumah telah menganggu emosi semalam.saya betul-betul rasa dekat dengan kematian.rasanya hendak sahaja telefon semua orang minta maaf walaupun sangat mustahil untuk saya lakukan tengah malam semalam.dan benar seharusnya saya redha seandainya Allah lebih sayangkan saya.

maka sahabat,
seandainya Allah benar sayangkan saya.tolong sampaikan pada teman-teman yang lain bahawa saya minta maaf atas segala salah silap dan minta halalkan makan minum s…