Tuesday, November 17, 2009

de feringghi hotel and restaurant

hello people
i'm currently using the hotel's free wifi and travelling with mini laptop is so great and useful.its raining last night and no sunrise for me today.hopefully the weather will be okay until tonight.i just feel a little bit tired but i don't know why.

last night we want to have dessert at hard rock cafe but unfortunately there is no more dessert and me and hanah is not 21 yet to enter the cafe after 10.30 p.m.i pity bed because of us she can't go inside too.so have to wait till next year and then we can go to hard rock cafe or any other cafe that you want.i was craving for something sweet last night but only cream caramel left at the lebanon restaurant.better go back to the hotel room and online.

i realized that i changed the pictures format to RAW and i have to convert the pictures to JPEG because without proper extension,laptop can't view the pictures.and i can't completely do it now because my battery is limited and until i safely arrived home i can only view the pictures through camera.i'm off to the hotel's restaurant for breakfast and i wish there is something extra this morning because i'm tired of american breakfast that was served by almost all hotel that i've stayed.

the weather look so promising today after a heavy rain last night.enjoy your day and i'll enjoy my last day of penang though.take care.


berus jamban said...

tired of american breakfast?
try here. LOL

izzati said...


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