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its my facial-at-home day.
having this 20 minutes mask routine every Sunday before starting a new week tomorrow.
lips and face scrub just now.
beauty is not only painful sometimes (threading, waxing) but it requires some consistency and discipline.

december is always full with christmas sale everywhere
and public holiday of course
with a cultural diversity in Sabah, everyone will get excited about it
everyone enjoying the sales
everyone organizing gift exchange party

and i also learnt about winter solstice party in december
they will make tang yuan
the glutinous rice ball and eat with brown sugar and ginger soup

and december-january will always be my travelling month
inshAllah can't wait for my january trip
may Allah ease our journey and everything goes as planned
this is my first time planning a trip for 4 person to a foreign country
hopefully it will turns out awesome

tomorrow i'll start my flexi hours 7.30-4.30 for one week
and also my passive oncall for one wee…

How I met you...

Today the Facebook memories pop-up and remind me that I was up there climbing the Aki Nabalu five years ago.

How time flies....

Actually, the so confident me replacing someone just 2 weeks after I came here in Sabah. From a sedentary lifestyle suddenly want to climb Mount K.
Well, at least I tried and I got my color certificate okay!

And, who knows that is the beginning of everything.

No. No. I am not getting married to any of the porter.

It is the beginning of me getting to know whole group of new people. The people who are funny, spontaneous and cheerful and supportive.

And, you also in that group of people.
And, we become friends after that. Until now.

Despite all the fights, all the disagreement, all the terasa hati, all the drama and all the mengada-ngada stories, we are still friends till today.

I actually make a promise to myself that when I'm here in Sabah, I won't fall in love with anyone. Not even gonna look for anyone. I can't.
I am too heart-broken when I left…