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entry tengah malam

i'm watching australia's next top model and waiting for my friend to online.usually i'll fall asleep before 12.i think i should go to sleep after this.
wawa tagged me a few days ago.i'll do it later okay wawa.insyAllah.
just now i feel like writing but after a few minutes i feel like,goodnight people and i'll write later okay?take care mate!

novel novel novel

hello hello
as i promised before i'm gonna post list of novels that i want to let case if anyone interested to keep the novels just text me or leave me a comment or send me a Facebook message.please take note that i only have a copy of each novel and it depends on availability.take a look at the list.
thank you.

updated 2140 am 191210
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Liana Afiera MalikDah Kata Daaah!
Mimie AfinieMasih Ada Rindu
Aleya AneesaSemusim RinduKasih Antara Kita
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Hasreeyati RamliDemi Kasih IniDia DihatiLaman Rindu
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Eka FaharaKabus KasihNilai Cintamu
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Aina EmirKau Laksana Bulan
Kreisya Reisya

charity bazaar

hello people it has been quite a long time since i didn't upload any photos you know internet connection at puncak alam drive me crazy.too slow at night and not that fast during the day.later before i end up my writing today i'll upload some photos.
last weekend i volunteered myself to help orphancare at jaya33 for the charity bazaar organized by them.i kind of lost there because everyone there seems to know each other very well and yes here i am the only stranger.without knowing anyone.i only contact auntie Shina through sms and i've met some of the aunties during the first volunteer gathering on the 13th november.but a good communication skills thought all this while help me to mingle with them.and surprisingly most of them are VIPs everyone is Datin and Datuk and their kids are very close to each other.but who cares i did my job and help them to clean everything and pack u p the booth on sunday.some of the foods are delicious.although they sold it more expensive bu…

examination result and charity bazaar

hello people alhamdulillah i received my result last night before i went to sleep.actually i sleep in front of the television and the laptop.actually have been sleeping here since last semester break.i just love this chinese chair.maybe some of you is not comfortable sleeping somewhere else beside on the mattress but i don't mind.alhamdulillah again managed to pass all the papers and one more semester left before i graduate insyAllah somewhere next year.i can't describe my feelings because its all mixed up.after 5 years with my friends.after 15 years studying and now i will move to another stage in my life.the working life.sometimes i think its scary but sometimes i think its fun cause you know after a month working from 8-5 you'll receive your payment.its definitely cool to have your own money right?and its every month not every semester.haha.
i forgot to write about my friend's wedding.we were classmate since form 1 until form 3 and she is the first to get married in o…


hello mate! i am so lazy to write here although i can spare at least five minutes holiday is here.and i am enjoying my life to the fullest.pampering myself with lots of foods.seriously.i can eat non-stop.i can buy whatever i want.don't have to think about money.just ask for is so easy.alhamdulillah.thank you Allah.
usually i'll plan my daily activities the night before it.same as today.after zuhur i'll go to the bank.go to pedas.after asar going back home then go to my another grandma's house.should use each and every minutes that i have here.yesterday went to seremban and bought some books. marshmallow for breakfast by dorothy komsoon and bumi cinta by first i want to buy two english novels but afraid i wont be able to finish to be safe i bought another malay novel.owh,and instead of buying present for azilah's wedding,i bought a water bottle for me for my final semester.
but i had a very bad experience yesterday with the JJ…