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suddenly im so sleepy while reading alkaloid.if you wonder what alkaloid is please google it.i need to finish this last piece of note,i made another cup of nescafe and hopefully i can stay up till subuh.and tomorrow please don't disturb me because im going to sleep till noon.
the biotechnology paper is over and i think i've done my best.although i can't answer question 1 and 4 but i try my best to write something.hopefully im gonna pass that paper.and for this coming pharmacognosy,i hope what dr.syed adnan showed to us on my birthday will come out.hanah and i typed the words from the slides back and we hope at least we can do something to help each other right?
i think im getting fatter.i eat a lot and nescafe really make gain some weight and have some more fats around.this is another reason why i didn't like exams.stress induced you to eat more and your weight is out of control.i've to eat because im afraid my gastric will come during exams and i already …


saya lapar dan rasa mahu makan macam-macam tapi retainers ini buatkan selera saya terbantut selagi saya tak dapat menyesuaikan diri sampai bila-bila saya akan macam ini.saya betul-betul lapar dan nak makan benda yang manis.saya akan makan kinder bueno dan minum nescafe sambil belajar.dengan harapan saya tidak akan lapar lagi.


hey there im at home now wasting time with internet and stuck in front of this laptop. seems like my life is so great without exam.but still i was thinking about it.
so,after zuhur i went to melaka for my dentist appointment.and the brackets is not here anymore.finally after 4 years and 10 months and 4 days all the brackets have been removed except the lower front brackets.its feel weird but my teeth look two front teeth is bigger so it is quite obvious.somehow,i'll have to wear retainers tomorrow.and there'll be some wires on my teeth.i hope it'll take 3 months only.
then,im off to melaka mall and watched papadom with en.norzhafran.he was late and we cant find our seat and yet decided to sit at the 3rd row from the front.actually the seating is different from the screen that shows seats during booking.thats why im confused when finding the matter what i should really thanks apan.without him i'll end up watching the best and funny papadom retu…

final exam is here

hello people
finally all the classes is over and now the final examination is knocking on the door i never like examination.and i think nobody likes it too but after exam is the best time to enjoy and relax with your friends and family i wish i can find cheap tickets to sarawak after exam but i dont think i can so better plan something with my friends before my practical starts
i already assigned what i've to study everyday and hopefully im disciplined enough to follow the tight schedule.perhaps i should be more disciplined at home too.proof it to abah that i can study at home.insyAllah.i didn't expect to get dean's list award this semester because i don't feel like learning anything this semester!im a little bit lost especially finance.i need someone to teach me that 'interesting' subject.i know i love calculation and even i scored A for marketing that doesn't have any calculations but i just hope i pass this finance paper.
i dont know how and where and when to s…


i have another minutes before im off to bed not really sleepy but i have to get another hour of sleep afraid i'll fall asleep in dr.wong's class this morning.before this webpage failed to load better i write i wish i can write more.
here it is. my final exam is already at the first paper on the 30th october. im going to remove my braces on the 27th october.insyAllah. my last paper is on the 12th november and we've planned a few activity.
i have not finish my assignments yet but i believe i can do it. lots of things in my mind but i can write it all.time is the limit.
its 5 am already then see you later people. take care and good luck.

sibuk sibuk sibuk

i really need extra time for myself.i think my body is having some sort of stomach and back discomfort.for this two weeks time i think i should ignore this things but i'll pay a visit to the nearest clinic when im going back home for my braces removal.
the internet is getting slower day by day and my newly reformat laptop is doing good despite im missing certain applications.list of assignments and labs is getting longer and my printer is not doing his job.this is so ridiculous.the mandarin test is over but still we need to complete the drama part to be submitted next losing my precious weekend again.
my laundry is waiting in the toilet so i'll write again when the time is here and the internet is doing lab this afternoon is related to frog.although i have my own mr.frog but i never like the real going to make a distance between me and the frog.
take care people and enjoy every minute of your life wherever you are whoever you're with.

one utama

here i am sitting in the middle of one utama new wing waiting for buka puasa and try to load a few web pages for veterinary assignments.i dont know how long will my battery last and the internet connection is not much different than puncak alam.a little bit better.

i have a family gathering this sunday but suddenly we've a module to attend so i can't go to bangi and gather with my cousins again *sigh*.

i never know how hurt it is when someone that you love leave you is so easy to give thousand advices to people but when it comes to you,nothing you can say to make your heart better.just hoping that time will heal all the i agree that never ever hate someone because in the end you might fall for the same person and dont ever love someone like there is no tomorrow because maybe one day you will hate that person.both events occur to me.and speechless to say what i should do friends are getting worried but i think im doing good today.much better than yeste…

sudah berhabuk!

should i blame the internet connection or my dear laptop for not updating my blog lately?or me myself who does not really care about it.but at least i still remember you not totally forgotten about you.the internet connection is getting more ridiculous lately and unfortunately my laptop was attacked by a virus which forced me to reformat my laptop.and i have to wait till i downloaded every driver from the internet then i can reformat takes time and i hope it will be so much better after this.
so a lot of things happen.jamuan hari raya.the professorial lecture.birthday was great.too great and meaningful to me especially when i turned 20.not a teen-agers anymore but no worries because most of my friends already entitled to vote and im im still young.jamuan hari raya was successfully organized by all of us.everyone contribute and enjoy it.i try my best for it and thats what i can not perfect so there must be some mistakes somewhere.sorry for that.p…