Wednesday, October 7, 2009

one utama

here i am sitting in the middle of one utama new wing waiting for buka puasa and try to load a few web pages for veterinary assignments.i dont know how long will my battery last and the internet connection is not much different than puncak alam.a little bit better.

i have a family gathering this sunday but suddenly we've a module to attend so i can't go to bangi and gather with my cousins again *sigh*.

i never know how hurt it is when someone that you love leave you is so easy to give thousand advices to people but when it comes to you,nothing you can say to make your heart better.just hoping that time will heal all the i agree that never ever hate someone because in the end you might fall for the same person and dont ever love someone like there is no tomorrow because maybe one day you will hate that person.both events occur to me.and speechless to say what i should do friends are getting worried but i think im doing good today.much better than yesterday.

my life become a little bit miserable this week.sometimes the sadness haunting me.and even i hate to admit that i cry.because of nothing.maybe the hormones play their role also but its killing me.i really hope everything went day i'll online back normally when i can accept everything.i need my friends to cheer me up.because you are not here anymore.but my friends are far far away in the other lands.poor them have to hear my stupid story every night.thank you friends.i really miss you guys right now.

im lying if i told you im not missing you.take care and drive carefully.


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