Saturday, October 24, 2009


hey there
im at home now wasting time with internet and stuck in front of this laptop.
seems like my life is so great without exam.but still i was thinking about it.

so,after zuhur i went to melaka for my dentist appointment.and the brackets is not here anymore.finally after 4 years and 10 months and 4 days all the brackets have been removed except the lower front brackets.its feel weird but my teeth look two front teeth is bigger so it is quite obvious.somehow,i'll have to wear retainers tomorrow.and there'll be some wires on my teeth.i hope it'll take 3 months only.

then,im off to melaka mall and watched papadom with en.norzhafran.he was late and we cant find our seat and yet decided to sit at the 3rd row from the front.actually the seating is different from the screen that shows seats during booking.thats why im confused when finding the matter what i should really thanks apan.without him i'll end up watching the best and funny papadom returns,i paid for the tickets as his birthday present.

and tonight everyone is at home so we decided to have dinner at pizza hut.tampin has nothing else except secret recipe,pizza and we'll rotate these three every time we're out for family dinner.and i plan to sleep early because im damn tired now and wake up at 5 to study.have a nice weekend friends.


anumz sarah said...

best ke papadom? ramai rate best giler.....

thia said...

besh sangat sangat sangat~ must watch movie!!!

izzati said...

best and its difft from other malay's love stories or ghost stories and full with all good values.haritu ramai gila family yg bwk anak2 die tgk.

eQeEn si rAma2! said...

huu.. xtgk papadom lagik..

izzati said...

sile2 pergi tgk papadom.kalo ade kt melaka aritu boleh belanja skali.hehe

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