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mimpi malam tadi

and so last night i dreamed about someone told me about her
i cant remember whose telling me about her
maybe my friends or maybe her friends

the clear message is dont ever try to compete with her
cause shes beautiful,nice,tall,slim and shes so perfect
never compare myself to her
shes different
in the other words maybe shes great

you know all this kinda girl talks that i dreamed about
usually i dreamed about my friends and not this warning type dream
i dont really care bout my dream but sometimes it affect my entire day

i should consider that as nightmares
luckily someone didnt kill me in my dream

maybe thats the first warning and she'll haunt me till i stop
oh thats dangerous and irritating

so,go away you and your friends
or we can be friends and know each other well
thats better i think

but i think your name is not Mas right?
or im stealing someone else boyfriend right now?


today its raining from morning till afternoon
and my first time experience driving in a heavy rain is not that bad
only after a while i got mild headache due to straining of my eyes to see the road clearly
unfortunately after stop at giant i dont feel like going out so i decided to have my lunch at secret recipe.while im waiting for my food the shop blackout due to some technical eating a black pepper chicken in dark is cool.haha.

then i start my journey to complete the tasks.
i went to bank islam and found out the atm machine broke down.have to fill in the form and wait at the counter.then i asked the officer in charge regarding my mother's credit card.then i walked to the pharmacy and asked about penicillin tag or other personal recognition for penicillin-allergic patient.uncle said no unless you put some sticker on the mykad so it'll be much easier to recognize.

after that i went to the photo shop and developed 256 pictures.till this morning only i can finished put eve…

esok hari isnin

so tomorrow is monday and i dont really know what to do
i've nothing important to do till wednesday and i keep on thinking of doing some sort of travelling.unfortunately everybody doesnt agree with me.they keep on asking me to stay at home and avoid public transport and take care of yourself and this is so dangerous and just do the house chores and a list of advices.which i choose to keep quiet everytime they start talking.

just coming back from KLIA to send my aunty.
Ya Allah,there are like thousands of cars on the road and they arent moving.
luckily,my aunty called PLUS before we start our journey and managed to avoid the traffic jammed.we reached KLIA 9.12 p.m and the counter for check-in close at 9.15 p.m.nasib baik sempat.

roughly,tomorrow i already planned a trip to tampin where i can do a few things wall shopping.haha.
im going to bank islam regarding my mother's credit card.
im going to print out a few pictures from my laptop.
im goi…

hello saturday

guess what?after two weeks stranded at puncak alam finally i can spend my weekend at home.not only for 3 days but luckily its mid semester break so i've a week here.and i planned for our school reunion on wednesday.yeay!

another 30 minutes and im off to visit my sister at her hostel.paling mengada-ngada mahu duduk asrama sedangkan 5 minit sahaja jarak dari sekolah ke rumah.adik oh adik.

and today my mother masak gulai telur itik.lama sungguh tak makan.rasa nikmat dapat makan proper foods kat rumah.before these tensed wires on my teeth show their power to rearrange back everything,better eat what i can now.haha.

dear doctor,dont blame teeth is so stubborn.they dont want to move faster.maybe they fall in love with one of your they can meet each other everytime i've an appointment.owh a romantic dental love story.haha.

so,enjoy your holiday people.those who are going back today,happy carefully.and dont forget to take your meals.take care

terima kasih

i think the best word for today is thank you
to everybody around me

i just feel sick tonight
maybe its just my feelings or im really sick
wait till tomorrow then i'll know

im having some problem with myself
my right knee is in trouble everytime i sit quietly for a long time
and im easily feel drowsy like the blood cant reach my brain
and i dont know why i feel like im gonna miss something

i know mengingati mati itu harus sentiasa
but this time around i can feel the sadness in me

okay forget about it
its just me with my mixed feelings tonight
hopefully im gonna wake up tomorrow happily
and i dont want any nightmares tonight


before i sleep

i want to write few words here

things are getting better i think

hopefully tomorrow is better than today

and im waiting unpatiently for my scholars

cepatlah bendahari release kan duit itu

i'll love bank islam if they sms me tomorrow morning

haha.the same thing happen every semester.

gotta see you later tomorrow.insyAllah

and to mar,

thanks for understanding me. =)


woke up at 2 and kinda feel dizzy
dont know what happen last night till im so sleepy this morning

im so sorry i changed my url
and i know changing the url is somehow the same thing like i have a new blog
i dont care cause if you really want to follow me do ask me what happen or try to google it by yourself

i dont know when i can get you out of mind
im definitely missing you
although i didnt talk to you for several days
and we didnt chat like what we always did before
it hurts me a lot.a lot as i cant tell you how much i hurt
i dont want to cry cause big girls dont cry but till when i can hold everything not blaming you.its my fault as well

to pretend to be strong is easy as abc
but to be strong is not that easy

sacrificing your feelings is even harder to do

if you can finally trace my blog i know you'll know who you're
you always know who im talking about

i need to be strong
my heart need to be strong

laughing outside never mean im not crying inside
i'll cry till my eyes dried
and h…

2.45 am

done with today tasks
kan dah kata malam ini tidur seorang diri and i dont really like that
semakin homesick dibuatnya
everybody ada plan sendiri so i cant stop anybody from doing anything they want to

its getting harder for me to handle myself
im currently lost control of my own emotion.
tak tahulah makin lama makin teruk.
i really need someone to help me.

and you are getting far away from me.
which is good for both of us but it hurts me a lot.
but please just do it and later i'll learn to accept it.
do it your own way and i'll do my own way.

i should force myself to sleep and i dont expect you'll talk to me a lot after this.
so i've to prepare myself for the self-threatening situation.haha.macam nak pergi mana.
prevention is better than cure.walaupun dah tahap critical still boleh survive lagi.

take care and drive safely.

hujung minggu I

maka sabtu ialah hujung minggu pertama di puncak alam ini
perancangan awal hari ini tidak sepatutnya menjadi all-alone-in-the-house day
honestly,if i know it earlier i'll definitely grab my bag and be at home now
quite sad cause i hate to stay in this empty house alone.i repeat its not a room is definitely empty.the house is also last,after having lunch with yang i read some mandarin and fall asleep till 6.45.owh what a nice day.

sebab itu my friends selalu wonder bila kami nak ada boyfriend.tapi tak ada boyfriend pun mereka still keluar juga.i dont have any feelings to watch movies why wasting my money if i can save on a few things.being left alone is not that bad just a little bit afraid if i've to sleep alone tonight.its okay i'll send SOS to someone nearer and accompany here.

belajar berdikari dan bersendiri is the best thing to do kinda homesick today and thats why i hate to stay alone.i miss everything where i can drive,can eat properly and…

sepetang di puncak

im so sorry
sudah lama tidak meninggalkan coretan disini

masa dan tempat yang kurang strategik menyebabkan banyak halangan untuk menulis.dan kehidupan baru di puncak alam agak mengambil masa untuk menyesuaikan diri.bukan sebagai pelajar baru tapi rutin harian kelas seawal jam 8 pagi.beriadah di waktu petang dengan teman-teman yang memang jarang sekali dilakukan ketika di shah alam dulu.aktiviti membasuh baju sendiri yang telah bertahun ditinggalkan.semuanya harus kembali kepada tugas-tugas asas hidup di asrama.tapi asrama ini lebih seronoklah.dan masih tidak berkesempatan untuk mengambil gambar matahari terbenam yang sungguh cantik dari atas bukit ini.insyAllah satu hari nanti akan berjaya.

hati mahu jadi lebih kuat kali ini.harus kuat kerana sudah hampir ke tahap kritikal.mungkin dengan bantuan dan kata-kata semangat yang diberikan akan berjaya.cari nahas lagi sekarang tanggung sendiri akibatnya.tapi sesuatu yang berlaku pasti ada hikmahnya.percayalah.maka hati,sila menj…

puncak oh puncak

semalam saya telah berjaya menuju puncak
ke puncak alam yang jauh dari pandangan mata
maka lagi 2 minggu akan berada di sini sebelum pulang untuk temujanji
disebabkan mengangkat barang-barang lebih dari kemampuan
sekarang banyak kesakitan yang melanda terutama di belakang

kelas pertama hari ini saya rasa bahagia
sedikit mengantuk tapi gembira mungkin kerana pertama kali saya memahami beberapa perkara yang diajar oleh pensyarah didalam kelas
permulaan yang baik untuk 12 minggu yang mendatang
dan saya gembira jumpa kawan-kawan

sejak semalam bertemu kembali dengan kawan sangat menarik
banyak benda untuk diceritakan,dibualkan,diketawakan
walaupun ada yang kurang menggembirakan tapi apakan daya
saya juga manusia biasa

petang disini mengikut perancangan hendak diisi dengan berjalan-jalan
tapi kita hanya merancang dan Dia yang menentukan
penghuni kolej yang lain juga sangat gemar beriadah pada waktu petang
mungkin sudah terlalu bosna di bilik
atau berlatih untuk kejohanan SAF tidak lama lagi

sekarang sementar…

tak lama lagi

beberapa tidak lama lagi i've to go and register myself at puncak alam which i dont know how far and how long i'll take to reach counting hours now.all my stuffs are already arranged nicely in the car and tomorrow gonna bring some foods and younger sister stayed in her hostel since last friday.i want to talk about her yesterday but suddenly i dont feel like i want to and i went to bed.

i want to finish watching 100 days with mr arrogant and sleep till 6 a.m.i need to prepare spaghetti cause after subuh im leaving.already done the toppings for cake and the spaghetti's sauce.thanks a lot mak for helping me out with all these tasks.without you i cant finish up everything tonight.

so i can feel some excitement to meet my friends back after a long holiday but puncak alam itself make me feel like i dont want to be there.we've to do something to make it best and cool to stay.owh and i cant believe my friends still gonna play water loving it!

i dont…


kan dah kata..

i stuck in front of laptop for 2 hours watching korean movies.

sambil makan maggi for brunch.

and i wonder why uitm block facebook?block friendster cukuplah.

kejam kejam kejam

now finding software to bypass the internet blocks.

hopefully will find it before sunday.

good morning!

officially my home-quarantine finally ended yesterday.
i went to pasar malam,ambil pulasan,pick up my sister.yeay!

i'll skipped class tomorrow cause im going back to my new campus in puncak alam which is so far away from everybody and very difficult to go there on definitely very sure gonna have trouble to go back there unless i asked someone to pick me somewhere.actually this semester i planned to come back regularly cause my friends are here and i want to spend some weekend with i cant plan anything now unless i've been there and know what to do and where to go and how to get is getting more complicated.

this morning the plan is to pack my stuffs and throw away all unwanted the afternoon will go to tampin and buy stocks for next 2 weeks maybe.owh and i planned to bake a cake and make some spaghetti for my friends.depends on my mood laa.seems like i've lots of plans but dont know which one i want to do first.perhaps i might stuck in fro…

dan seterusnya

adakah pagi esok akan dikejutkan dengan panggilan telefon lagi?
dengan mamai-mamai angkat phone.suara serak.
kenapalah telefon pagi sangat.

dan hari ini makan durian lagi.walaupun telah sampai ke penghujung musim tapi masih ada lagi yang gugur.pulasan juga sudah masak.tapi tak berkesempatan untuk ambil sendiri kerana arahan kuarantin ini.

hari ini seorang lagi rakan disahkan positif H1N1.semoga dia cepat sembuh dan keluar dari hospital.dan harap-harap sehingga hari rabu tidak ada sebarang simptom yang muncul.bertindaklah Osmivir.

rasa seperti mahu tengok movie sebelum tidur.dan emel kepada firefly belum dihantar lagi kerana kehilangan perasaan untuk menulis.esok sahaja.

selamat malam semua.jaga diri.mimpi indah.

hari ketiga

seriously im getting tired with this quarantine worried about myself and others too.the number is absolutely increasing and everybody know about the symposium or conference.however,i didnt show any symptoms except for mild SOB or shortness of breath.every time i told the officer they said i dont have to do the test as long as my temperature is normal.but lately even though you didnt show any symptom the possibility is there.the solution is,im gonna tell them again tomorrow and see what they want me to do.

im supposed to register myself at kolej rafflesia today.unfortunately i've to obey the quarantine order and i dont want to risk others cause i might be the carrier.this is the first time i didnt register together with my friends.and im kinda feel sad cause only you know the excitement that you feel when you meet each other on the first day of school after a long gonna miss it!

owh tonight im writing something to firefly.i already checked my email and i didnt found…

home quarantine

hari kedua quarantine di rumah and im getting bored.

online dengan internet yang kadang-kadang putus.
tidur bila mengantuk.

masalah mahu pulang ke puncak alam tak selesai lagi.
appointment dentist sabtu ini mungkin kena postpone lagi.

punyai teman baik sekarang.penutup mulut atau dikenali dengan mask.
i have to take Osmivir everyday for 10 days.
badan rasa sakit tapi tak tahu kenapa

dan yang pasti im getting bored!

help me please and i need you


have been ages tak update blog and definitely i miss you!the symposium thought me a lot of things and i met a lot of new friends.of course we're not satisfied with a few things and i hope there is some space for us to do feedback.the post-tour is happy cause my friends are happy too.although im a little bit tired looking there looking here but i dont mind.everything went smoothly except when its time to go back last night.
missed my flight last night due to some unreasonable reason and im not flying with that airline anymorestranded at kl sentral for 3 hours and sleep at mcdonaldstook first train to seremban and reach there before 7.30 a.mwent to GH and being told to home-quarantine for 7 days.10 days supply of Osmivir and masks and mc.not so good to hear.they're calling me everyday to make sure im at home.i'll absolutely get annoyed with it after a few days.wash my clothes and get some sleep on the couch but still feel bad.haven't eat anything since last night …