Monday, July 20, 2009


woke up at 2 and kinda feel dizzy
dont know what happen last night till im so sleepy this morning

im so sorry i changed my url
and i know changing the url is somehow the same thing like i have a new blog
i dont care cause if you really want to follow me do ask me what happen or try to google it by yourself

i dont know when i can get you out of mind
im definitely missing you
although i didnt talk to you for several days
and we didnt chat like what we always did before
it hurts me a lot.a lot as i cant tell you how much i hurt
i dont want to cry cause big girls dont cry but till when i can hold everything not blaming you.its my fault as well

to pretend to be strong is easy as abc
but to be strong is not that easy

sacrificing your feelings is even harder to do

if you can finally trace my blog i know you'll know who you're
you always know who im talking about

i need to be strong
my heart need to be strong

laughing outside never mean im not crying inside
i'll cry till my eyes dried
and hating you is not the best thing i'll do
maybe stop loving you is what i'll try to do

i hope this semester turns out to be great for us
but the same things happen as last semester
i dont want to disturb you cause i know and i learn how you changed

i'll write and write here till i can handle myself
please take care of yourself and those who loves you


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