Sunday, July 5, 2009

hari ketiga

seriously im getting tired with this quarantine worried about myself and others too.the number is absolutely increasing and everybody know about the symposium or conference.however,i didnt show any symptoms except for mild SOB or shortness of breath.every time i told the officer they said i dont have to do the test as long as my temperature is normal.but lately even though you didnt show any symptom the possibility is there.the solution is,im gonna tell them again tomorrow and see what they want me to do.

im supposed to register myself at kolej rafflesia today.unfortunately i've to obey the quarantine order and i dont want to risk others cause i might be the carrier.this is the first time i didnt register together with my friends.and im kinda feel sad cause only you know the excitement that you feel when you meet each other on the first day of school after a long gonna miss it!

owh tonight im writing something to firefly.i already checked my email and i didnt found any email regarding the rescheduling of my flight.i dont mind if they dont want to refund me but please dont do this to other people.and i still love air asia as the low cost carrier.sorry gave a very bad first impression to talking as if firefly is a bored.

see you later tomorrow people.take care.sleep well.sweet dream.


~fiOnAbEE~ said...

bettt! where have u been ni? sampai kne kuarantine2 lagi...hushh! dasat tol! and bet ade ke any of the syndromes? take care aite!!!! <3

izzati said...

i went to pharmaceutical symposium kt penang.and suddenly ade kes kt friends mkin rmai plak yg positif.takutt..
i dont have any syndromes but have been a lot of direct contact with them.
thanks bee!

~fiOnAbEE~ said...

seriously?? giler r...jage diri bettttt!!!
but dont worry too much i guess coz transmissibility rate die je high but mortality rate is not that high :)

bdw,da stat sem baru heh???

izzati said...

tgh jage diri la ni.dgn pakai mask setiap masa kecuali dlm bilik.its killing me..haha

itu yg semorg risau.sng sgt yg best gh dh bg siap antiviral.insyallah bebas kot.

supposed today start sem baru but i'll reg next week kot.haha

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