Sunday, July 19, 2009

2.45 am

done with today tasks
kan dah kata malam ini tidur seorang diri and i dont really like that
semakin homesick dibuatnya
everybody ada plan sendiri so i cant stop anybody from doing anything they want to

its getting harder for me to handle myself
im currently lost control of my own emotion.
tak tahulah makin lama makin teruk.
i really need someone to help me.

and you are getting far away from me.
which is good for both of us but it hurts me a lot.
but please just do it and later i'll learn to accept it.
do it your own way and i'll do my own way.

i should force myself to sleep and i dont expect you'll talk to me a lot after this.
so i've to prepare myself for the self-threatening situation.haha.macam nak pergi mana.
prevention is better than cure.walaupun dah tahap critical still boleh survive lagi.

take care and drive safely.


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