Sunday, July 12, 2009

tak lama lagi

beberapa tidak lama lagi i've to go and register myself at puncak alam which i dont know how far and how long i'll take to reach counting hours now.all my stuffs are already arranged nicely in the car and tomorrow gonna bring some foods and younger sister stayed in her hostel since last friday.i want to talk about her yesterday but suddenly i dont feel like i want to and i went to bed.

i want to finish watching 100 days with mr arrogant and sleep till 6 a.m.i need to prepare spaghetti cause after subuh im leaving.already done the toppings for cake and the spaghetti's sauce.thanks a lot mak for helping me out with all these tasks.without you i cant finish up everything tonight.

so i can feel some excitement to meet my friends back after a long holiday but puncak alam itself make me feel like i dont want to be there.we've to do something to make it best and cool to stay.owh and i cant believe my friends still gonna play water loving it!

i dont know how crazy i am last night.hopefully tonight im getting better.
goodnight people.sleep tight.sweet dream.
see you at puncak alam.


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