Tuesday, July 28, 2009

mimpi malam tadi

and so last night i dreamed about someone told me about her
i cant remember whose telling me about her
maybe my friends or maybe her friends

the clear message is dont ever try to compete with her
cause shes beautiful,nice,tall,slim and shes so perfect
never compare myself to her
shes different
in the other words maybe shes great

you know all this kinda girl talks that i dreamed about
usually i dreamed about my friends and not this warning type dream
i dont really care bout my dream but sometimes it affect my entire day

i should consider that as nightmares
luckily someone didnt kill me in my dream

maybe thats the first warning and she'll haunt me till i stop
oh thats dangerous and irritating

so,go away you and your friends
or we can be friends and know each other well
thats better i think

but i think your name is not Mas right?
or im stealing someone else boyfriend right now?


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