Saturday, July 25, 2009

hello saturday

guess what?after two weeks stranded at puncak alam finally i can spend my weekend at home.not only for 3 days but luckily its mid semester break so i've a week here.and i planned for our school reunion on wednesday.yeay!

another 30 minutes and im off to visit my sister at her hostel.paling mengada-ngada mahu duduk asrama sedangkan 5 minit sahaja jarak dari sekolah ke rumah.adik oh adik.

and today my mother masak gulai telur itik.lama sungguh tak makan.rasa nikmat dapat makan proper foods kat rumah.before these tensed wires on my teeth show their power to rearrange back everything,better eat what i can now.haha.

dear doctor,dont blame teeth is so stubborn.they dont want to move faster.maybe they fall in love with one of your they can meet each other everytime i've an appointment.owh a romantic dental love story.haha.

so,enjoy your holiday people.those who are going back today,happy carefully.and dont forget to take your meals.take care


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