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north to south:weddings journey

hello people

been from north malaysia to the south for the sake of attending wedding invitations and meet my classmates.its worth every penny and time love travelling.though its tiring but its flight to alor setar on wednesday morning but did i told you i had dinner with my girl friends before that at Delicious Mid Valley.that delicious carbonara and frosty watermelon the red velvet cupcakes.nyummy.thanks dear friends for lending me your ears to hear all my stupid stories and for that curhat moment.

4.30 am we took bus from KL Setral to LCCT.arrived at alor setar around 8 something in the morning.thank you fathi fo picking us up at the airport.haven't been there since my brother complete his five years there and some places still look the same as before.had breakfast at Nasmir.then we don't know what to do and fathi drives us around showing all the paddy fields,his tok wans' houses,gunung keriang and finally we stop at Muzium Padi.

we went to another few places.had a very very good food there.went to Padang Besar on thursday and Che Nad drives us around Perlis with help from her loyal co-driver Miss Teratai Nailofar.had fried macaroni for dinner and no to forget mangoes for hi-tea.yeah and delicious Tom Yam at well as pulut udang.i think i gained a kilo a day while travelling.and the weather was hot and hot and hot and i never drink that amount of water before that.its like every time i stepped out from the car i will look for any stall or shops selling water but i didn't feel any urgencies to urinate at all.we passed by Mata Ayer,Chuping and many places lah.but i will aways and always love these two places.the paddy field and the sugarcane fields or whatever it is lah.

here come the main part and reason of this journey.its Maya and Mus's wedding.this opportunity only comes once in a lifetime i think.the reception was held at The Regency Hotel Alor Setar.suddenly she asked us to be her bridesmaid or pengapit or orang yang jalan belakang ke apa-apa lah.and asked me to sit on that VIP's table.thought it'll be fun sitting there but hell no.its boring.waiting for them to serve you.they'll change your plate with the dessert plate.and in the end me and zah sit at the normal table.taking pictures and chatting with other friends.we took the last bus from Alor Setar to Seremban cause we have another wedding to attend on the next day.i miss you Maya!

my father picked us from Seremban and another journey to Batu Pahat starts at 11.30 am.arrived there around 2 pm and thank you hanah's GPS for guiding us to the correct place.beautiful pelamin.beautiful bride and bridegroom.delicious foods.sweet moment to complete my wedding journey.

i still have bad habit when driving alone.i tend to fall asleep when driving and will only stop to buy something or do something when its worst.Allah please protect me from anything bad and i promise will never do that again.thank you Allah for giving me another opportunities to breathe.


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