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weekend is over?

hello world
i wake up this morning and realize that its sunday and tomorrow the daily hectic schedule is back.honestly i dont have time to write here and the internet connection sometimes does not allow me even to load the blogger page.too many updates to write here.maybe facebook can tell a lot of things about my current activities.
started my hospital attachment last 2 weeks and spend nearly 1 and half hour journey to selayang hospital every tuesday and wednesdaywent to bukit tinggi last saturday for the retailing class's tripmiss my mom's cooking today cause i did not had proper meals yetmy class is crazy.everyday from morning till night.seriusly night.a lot of assignments.a lot of presentations and a lot of tests waitingpatient counselling sometimes interesting.JPA is not here yet so i am suffering cause only a few dollars lefti think i need supplement because i am easily tired latelylots of high-alert tasks to domy printer sometimes cannot cooperate well with me
i dont know …

saya punya

my mother is always there for me.when i'm sad.when i'm happy.when i'm angry.i love her.and even my father.the cool hearted man in my life.he even there for me.still remember my last semester's exam when i cry and i think my father don't know what to do and he finally agreed to fetch me from campus and go back for the that time my mother is off to malacca for a,both of them are important in my life.and most of the time they always say yes to us and the most important thing is because of them i've been around malaysia except sarawak.and i'm addicted to travelling because of them also.owh,this is not the topic actually.
i can't remember my last entry.i've decided my research will be on Self Medication among undergraduate pharmacy students.i try my best to be proactive and a good student so my supervisor can give me an A for my PHR555.lately,i can stay awake in class.a little bit sleepy but better than previous semester.hopefully af…

weekend in the middle of the week

hello people
tuesday and wednesday is another holiday for my class.because the hospital attachment is not here yet so here we are spending our past time on the bed or going out to watch a movie or back at home to grab few things.everyone has their own work to do and so do i.yesterday i just stay in the private practice.gossiping and do the case study.and finally the case study's nightmare is over and tonight i'll start writing my daily report.
i met my supervisor just now and i need to think about what kind of research i want to do.should i choose the H1N1 or self-medication or whatever come across my mind.i really need an idea to do all these things and the due date is friday *sigh* maybe cik mashani can help me to choose and give me a piece of her idea.thats what a mentor always does i think.
have been staying alone in this room since yesterday.pretty boring and too quiet for me.but never always like this.just learn and try to accept things as what they ar…

puncak alam 2010

hello people back again to puncak alam with the green environment and cool air.and sometime the sunny day here and rainy day.everything is here.with my friends,classmates,lecturers, neighbors.its totally another complete life of me as a home i was surrounded by families but here they replaced my family with their love and care and kindness to me.
i was shocked to realize how pack my timetable this semester.on monday my class is until 8.50 om start at 8.30 am.great!tuesday and wednesday is our hospital day.from 7 am till 5 pm.amazing!and everyday class until 6 pm.lots of tutorials and case studies and presentation and research and PBLs.i am going to do research under Mr.Muhammad Abdul Hadi.maybe on thursday me and jo will meet him.hopefully everything will be okay.
broadband doesn't seems to work very well here except when everybody is sleeping.maybe i need to wake up at 4 am to get the best internet speed.i don't mind as long as i can do my work.
people change and so do…

the holiday is over

i know its been a very long time i didn't write here although i said i'm going to write here again.a lot of excuses for that but no i am again writing before i sleep.perhaps a good habit for this new year.writing before sleeping.
still i am sad because my holiday is over but i am even more sad because i have to left a few things at home due to tomorrow;s regulations that doesn't allow parents to send our stuff to college.i mean we have to park at the faculty and take the shuttle bus to the college.and i have to let u know that i have a lot of things to bring.a lot means a now i already have 4 boxes and 1 bag and 1 basket.
i don't know what to do tomorrow but i think i'll go and register and get my room's key.then i'll transfer my stuffs to somewhere around the faculty and go back to my room with some important the evening maybe i can borrow someone's car to go and pick up all the stuffs.hopefully no one will grab my thin…