Tuesday, January 5, 2010

puncak alam 2010

hello people
back again to puncak alam with the green environment and cool air.and sometime the sunny day here and rainy day.everything is here.with my friends,classmates,lecturers, neighbors.its totally another complete life of me as a student.at home i was surrounded by families but here they replaced my family with their love and care and kindness to me.

i was shocked to realize how pack my timetable this semester.on monday my class is until 8.50 om start at 8.30 am.great!tuesday and wednesday is our hospital day.from 7 am till 5 pm.amazing!and everyday class until 6 pm.lots of tutorials and case studies and presentation and research and PBLs.i am going to do research under Mr.Muhammad Abdul Hadi.maybe on thursday me and jo will meet him.hopefully everything will be okay.

broadband doesn't seems to work very well here except when everybody is sleeping.maybe i need to wake up at 4 am to get the best internet speed.i don't mind as long as i can do my work.

people change and so do i.i was inspired by Muallaf.it is in forgiving that you are forgiven.since i watched that movie i think it is important to forgive everyone and try to accept that we're human that always do mistakes.although my friends said that i can forgive people easily but i've made some correction to their sentence.i can easily forgive people but i'll always remember it.i've another three semester to study with you people.although i don't know what will happen later but i hope everything is okay.

kak hani gave me her notes yesterday and yes i dont have to print past year questions except for the last year's paper.thanks a lot kak hani!

today and tomorrow we don't have any class because we'll only go to hospital on the 19th january.i think i'll do my case study and log book today and watch a few movies that i downloaded during holiday.i called inn yesterday and i feel better.luckily she is here.

i think i'll read my book then take a shower before zuhur and then start doing my log book.please 2010.make me more discipline and no more procrastination.i am tired of it already.

have a nice day people!


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