Saturday, January 2, 2010

the holiday is over


i know its been a very long time i didn't write here although i said i'm going to write here again.a lot of excuses for that but no i am again writing before i sleep.perhaps a good habit for this new year.writing before sleeping.

still i am sad because my holiday is over but i am even more sad because i have to left a few things at home due to tomorrow;s regulations that doesn't allow parents to send our stuff to college.i mean we have to park at the faculty and take the shuttle bus to the college.and i have to let u know that i have a lot of things to bring.a lot means a now i already have 4 boxes and 1 bag and 1 basket.

i don't know what to do tomorrow but i think i'll go and register and get my room's key.then i'll transfer my stuffs to somewhere around the faculty and go back to my room with some important the evening maybe i can borrow someone's car to go and pick up all the stuffs.hopefully no one will grab my things.

maybe i'll be alone tomorrow night so may i ask you to accompany me?
have a sweet dream people.goodnight!


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