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hari raya

hari ini sudah hari raya kedua dan sudah 5 hari berada di rumah.
hari raya seperti tahun-tahun sudah juga.jadual yang sama.aktiviti yang sama.orang yang sama.tiada yang berbeza.yang pergi tetap pergi.yang baru jejak kaki ke dunia tetap masih baru.
dan malam ini seperti biasa teratak sederhana ini akan sedia menanti kedatangan saudara-mara yang berkereta-kereta.mereka sangat ramai.sehinggakan saya sendiri tidak mengenali mereka.mereka datang.makan berbual ketawa dan pulang itu sahaja.jumpa setahun sekali.mungkin di kenduri kendara juga.tapi sekurang-kurangnya saya tahu saya punyai saudara-mara lagi.indahnya aidilfitri.

lebih gembira jika saya katakan tahun ini Allah beri saya berpuasa penuh sebulan.tidak perlu fikir untuk menggantikan puasa.kali terakhir saya penuh berpuasa mungkin semasa tingkatan 3 atau 4.insyAllah jika panjang umur akan disempurnakan puasa sunat syawal pula.tahun ini kerap kali ketemu dengan bayi.mereka comel,manja dan tidak tahu apa-apa.sepupu saya ramai yang sudah be…

sedang menanti

and here i am waiting for edyham to start our journey back home.
never getting used with tell me how long to wait and in the end i'll.
maybe my middle name was destined to be waiting.

you know what sometimes i wish when i come back home
my mom will approach me and talk about someone to me
maybe her friend's son or whoever it may be
haha.sounds desperate i think?
but thats real.

although most of my close friends still single of course we want to have a boyfriend too one day.maybe the time is not now.and by the way,i just realized that im not even 20 a few weeks time im not a teen-agers anymore.i think i have to enjoy my single and teenagers years before being in a relationship with someone.

from my own opinion having someone close to you really helps when you need someone to talk,to get mad with and to laugh.i used to have a very close friend during matriculation.thats my first time having a boy as my close friend.we talked about everything.he loves foo…

last lecture before aidilfitri

hello again

im writing this entry after my last lecture just now.
and now here i am sitting alone in this empty house again and no one is here.
everyone is on their way back home last iftar here will not be as great as before but no worries.besides,im having some sort of diarrhea today.may i say the worst diarrhea after a few years.its really killing me and i think i really need to depends on ranitidine everyday during sahur.or else i'll have this one kind of stomachache during the day.

i found out i've a collection of nasyids downloaded during previous ramadhan at our just another way to release out the boringness in me.did i told you that during high school we love to sing nasyid and that time a few songs really stuck in our head and we can sing it anywhere we like.miss the good old days people.

last monday,another great outings with my friends.3 years is another big numbers we didnt meet each other and like we got lots of stories to share,lots of memori…

weekend is finally here

hello there

im so sorry its been a while since my last entry.just finished my pharmacognosy test this morning and its like i need some extra sleep tonight.however,we planned to iftar at one utama and watch the ugly truth after that.will update later about today if the internet connection permits me to do so.i've been going back home every week since ramadhan but this weekend i'll stay here.i should say this week is another busy week for me.i come back to campus monday night.i've reading test and quiz 3 for mandarin on tuesday.which i didnt study anything during weekend.then on wednesday which is yesterday we've a choir competition.unfortunately we failed to be the winner.after that we've faculty's annual iftar at angsana.ikan bakar served for iftar is the best ikan bakar in puncak alam i think.

i forgot to tell you that last weekend i went to zoo melaka with adilah,ned and najwa.najwa is adilah's sister and she has a lot of things to talk and sometimes shes t…

when i sleep unconsciously

lately i sleep without proper doa,without proper bantal
and the result is saya mimpi bukan-bukan

last night i woke up at 1 o'clock dengan terperanjatnya
how can suddenly you appear beside me
siapa tak terjaga kalau tiba-tiba mimpi macam itu?

so hanah advice me to sleep properly next time barulah tak mimpi pelik-pelik
if i know im gonna fall asleep absolutely i'll sleep properly
usually i dont have any intention to sleep when i lay down
thats why i dont prepare anything except i already brushed my teeth

i wonder why...
you keep a distance between us.okay,thats good for me.
i keep on dreaming about you.its not relevant at all.

whatever it is i've to accept it

take care and have a nice day

the olive oil finally

alhamdulillah finally the presentation for olive oil berjaya disampaikan
i can mark this as difficult presentation to understand and to deliver and to collect information
i dont know about others but after our presentation is till cant really understand what its all about.maybe i really need to study pharmacognosy for this coming test harder.

this week perhaps is another good week for me except one thing
forget about the not good thing
i've completed two presentations and both are fine.alhamdulillah.
another reading test for mandarin next week and pharmacognosy too.

i was thinking of going back tomorrow if and only if someone offer me to go back too
but still my schedule is flexible and i can change anytime i want
even we're thinking of going to malacca this sunday.
a visit to taman buaya and break fast at ikan bakar and sleep over at my house
monday is another public holiday for us.time to relax and prepare for test.

i think my parents want me to go back.sometimes i think both of them mu…

Happy Birthday Mak

1st september,
happy birthday mak
may Allah bless you and semoga panjang umur dan murah rezeki

and today it turns out to be my presentation for biotech and
i manage to overcome the nervousness in me
so finally we get the best presentation for today
and zah and i announced as the best speakers
today is another great day
hopefully my pharmacognosy's presentation can be as great as this one