Thursday, September 10, 2009

weekend is finally here

hello there

im so sorry its been a while since my last entry.just finished my pharmacognosy test this morning and its like i need some extra sleep tonight.however,we planned to iftar at one utama and watch the ugly truth after that.will update later about today if the internet connection permits me to do so.i've been going back home every week since ramadhan but this weekend i'll stay here.i should say this week is another busy week for me.i come back to campus monday night.i've reading test and quiz 3 for mandarin on tuesday.which i didnt study anything during weekend.then on wednesday which is yesterday we've a choir competition.unfortunately we failed to be the winner.after that we've faculty's annual iftar at angsana.ikan bakar served for iftar is the best ikan bakar in puncak alam i think.

i forgot to tell you that last weekend i went to zoo melaka with adilah,ned and najwa.najwa is adilah's sister and she has a lot of things to talk and sometimes shes too honest when complaining about something.for the first time in my life i drive alone from my house to melaka and i should say its another experience.i can feel the tiredness in me when i reached home that evening.i wonder how can people drive from north to south in a journey.but i think as long as i didnt do anything wrong my father will trust me to drive again next time.

its already 20th ramadhan.i hope Allah give me the oppurtunity to meet with lailatul qadar this year.i've been searching for lailatul qadar since i was in standard 3 if im not mistaken.insyAllah this year i'll try my best to wake up in the middle of the night and solat.

today we're off to one utama for iftar.selamat berbuka.dan selamat beribadah.


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