Thursday, September 17, 2009

sedang menanti

and here i am waiting for edyham to start our journey back home.
never getting used with tell me how long to wait and in the end i'll.
maybe my middle name was destined to be waiting.

you know what sometimes i wish when i come back home
my mom will approach me and talk about someone to me
maybe her friend's son or whoever it may be
haha.sounds desperate i think?
but thats real.

although most of my close friends still single of course we want to have a boyfriend too one day.maybe the time is not now.and by the way,i just realized that im not even 20 a few weeks time im not a teen-agers anymore.i think i have to enjoy my single and teenagers years before being in a relationship with someone.

from my own opinion having someone close to you really helps when you need someone to talk,to get mad with and to laugh.i used to have a very close friend during matriculation.thats my first time having a boy as my close friend.we talked about everything.he loves football but im not but i still can accompany him staying up late watching world cup.we have lunch,dinner together.when i have to left matriks we still keep in touch until he coupled with my best too happy for them but unfortunately she get jealous with me and here it goes i stop sms with him for about 2 years i think.but we went out together with my friends once and we can talked like before again.

during my pre-pharmacy year,i dont really get close with the boys.maybe their number is too small.but later i think the relationship is getting better and we can go out and eat together,study together.but im happy cause i got my girl friends with me.we're still together after all these years.6 of us.we've lots of fights,arguments and besides that we also have lots of sweet memories together.i really hope it'll last forever.

when my degree starts in 2007,there are still 6 of us together.moving to the condominium together.lots of fun in langkawi.but in the same time without me realizing it,i get to know someone which i talked about most everything happen.but this time around its different.i think i misunderstood the closeness of us.but it goes normally that we're friends unofficially from my first semester till now.quite a long time.i hope we're still friends until the end of the day.whatever happens,we fight a lot.disagree with each other a lot.getting mad with each other a lot.and we also have sweet memories too.may that remains forever.

here it goes.wonder why im writing this entry while waiting.luckily i've finished packing all my stuffs and only this laptop left on my table.maybe the sweet memories make my day today.insyAllah i'll reach home this toilet already will be much more comfortable to take a shower loving it.

take care.


~fiOnAbEE~ said...

betty! selamat hari raya..maaf zahir and batin ^^
have a safe journey back home..bee balek ptg..ade last klass at 4 :(....ngek tol..HAHA!

bdw,ur post here really caught my eye as I was thinking the same thing these few days,few months back! hahahahaa! lame giler ak!!!
but now,those thing seem cant be bother by me although sometimes the feeling of being alone while everyone else has their significant one by their sides reached me.
well at least,we still have out lovable girlfriends kan? hehe! :)

izzati said...

hello bee.
im wondering why ur comment didnt appear in my inbox.happy hari raya too.luckily,we postponed our thursday and friday class.then its an early holiday.=) least ur girl friends sometimes are much better than a boyfriend.haha

eQeEn si rAma2! said...

selamat hari raye betty!


izzati said...

selamat hari raya too eqeen!

jemput dtg rumah

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