Thursday, September 3, 2009

when i sleep unconsciously

lately i sleep without proper doa,without proper bantal
and the result is saya mimpi bukan-bukan

last night i woke up at 1 o'clock dengan terperanjatnya
how can suddenly you appear beside me
siapa tak terjaga kalau tiba-tiba mimpi macam itu?

so hanah advice me to sleep properly next time barulah tak mimpi pelik-pelik
if i know im gonna fall asleep absolutely i'll sleep properly
usually i dont have any intention to sleep when i lay down
thats why i dont prepare anything except i already brushed my teeth

i wonder why...
you keep a distance between us.okay,thats good for me.
i keep on dreaming about you.its not relevant at all.

whatever it is i've to accept it

take care and have a nice day


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