Thursday, September 3, 2009

the olive oil finally

alhamdulillah finally the presentation for olive oil berjaya disampaikan
i can mark this as difficult presentation to understand and to deliver and to collect information
i dont know about others but after our presentation is till cant really understand what its all about.maybe i really need to study pharmacognosy for this coming test harder.

this week perhaps is another good week for me except one thing
forget about the not good thing
i've completed two presentations and both are fine.alhamdulillah.
another reading test for mandarin next week and pharmacognosy too.

i was thinking of going back tomorrow if and only if someone offer me to go back too
but still my schedule is flexible and i can change anytime i want
even we're thinking of going to malacca this sunday.
a visit to taman buaya and break fast at ikan bakar and sleep over at my house
monday is another public holiday for us.time to relax and prepare for test.

i think my parents want me to go back.sometimes i think both of them must be a little bit boring during weekdays.and weekend is the only time when we usually be at home and went out for supper together.i missed my last two weekends.sounds like im gonna try my best to go back tomorrow.still depends.sometimes i dont want to cause trouble to anyone.

tonight we have choir practice for next week minggu apresiasi.bagi nama untuk suka-suka dan support the program.and kupon and sijil too.everybody is looking for coupon nowadays.we've to fight for college next semester.and tomorrow is already 14th ramadhan.alhamdulillah we're already half way of journey through ramadhan.insyAllah this ramadhan i'll try my best to search lailatul qadar.marilah sama-sama kita mencari.

selamat berpuasa people.take care.selamat bersahur dan berbuka.


~fiOnAbEE~ said...

betty,taman buaye bosan..ak baru pegi aritu..dari tgk buaye end up ktrg g naik kude kat dlm tu..haha..pastu g men go-kart kat sebelah tmn tuh..:P

izzati said...

bosan tak bosan at least i need pictures of the crocodile.haha.maybe next week will go there kot.thats what i plan to do.snap some pictures than pergi main go-kart then mcd.haha

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