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entry tengah malam

i'm watching australia's next top model and waiting for my friend to online.usually i'll fall asleep before 12.i think i should go to sleep after this.
wawa tagged me a few days ago.i'll do it later okay wawa.insyAllah.
just now i feel like writing but after a few minutes i feel like,goodnight people and i'll write later okay?take care mate!

novel novel novel

hello hello
as i promised before i'm gonna post list of novels that i want to let case if anyone interested to keep the novels just text me or leave me a comment or send me a Facebook message.please take note that i only have a copy of each novel and it depends on availability.take a look at the list.
thank you.

updated 2140 am 191210
Damya HannaIlham HatiRela Ku MenantiSenafas Rindu
Liana Afiera MalikDah Kata Daaah!
Mimie AfinieMasih Ada Rindu
Aleya AneesaSemusim RinduKasih Antara Kita
Ayu EmeldaLagu RinduKasih Dania
Hasreeyati RamliDemi Kasih IniDia DihatiLaman Rindu
Liza Zahira
Cinta RahsiaBahtera Kasih
Sri DiahMahligai CintaJanji Kasih
Eka FaharaKabus KasihNilai Cintamu
Sharifah Abu SalemBiar Rindu BerlaluPesona Rindu
Aina EmirKau Laksana Bulan
Kreisya Reisya

charity bazaar

hello people it has been quite a long time since i didn't upload any photos you know internet connection at puncak alam drive me crazy.too slow at night and not that fast during the day.later before i end up my writing today i'll upload some photos.
last weekend i volunteered myself to help orphancare at jaya33 for the charity bazaar organized by them.i kind of lost there because everyone there seems to know each other very well and yes here i am the only stranger.without knowing anyone.i only contact auntie Shina through sms and i've met some of the aunties during the first volunteer gathering on the 13th november.but a good communication skills thought all this while help me to mingle with them.and surprisingly most of them are VIPs everyone is Datin and Datuk and their kids are very close to each other.but who cares i did my job and help them to clean everything and pack u p the booth on sunday.some of the foods are delicious.although they sold it more expensive bu…

examination result and charity bazaar

hello people alhamdulillah i received my result last night before i went to sleep.actually i sleep in front of the television and the laptop.actually have been sleeping here since last semester break.i just love this chinese chair.maybe some of you is not comfortable sleeping somewhere else beside on the mattress but i don't mind.alhamdulillah again managed to pass all the papers and one more semester left before i graduate insyAllah somewhere next year.i can't describe my feelings because its all mixed up.after 5 years with my friends.after 15 years studying and now i will move to another stage in my life.the working life.sometimes i think its scary but sometimes i think its fun cause you know after a month working from 8-5 you'll receive your payment.its definitely cool to have your own money right?and its every month not every semester.haha.
i forgot to write about my friend's wedding.we were classmate since form 1 until form 3 and she is the first to get married in o…


hello mate! i am so lazy to write here although i can spare at least five minutes holiday is here.and i am enjoying my life to the fullest.pampering myself with lots of foods.seriously.i can eat non-stop.i can buy whatever i want.don't have to think about money.just ask for is so easy.alhamdulillah.thank you Allah.
usually i'll plan my daily activities the night before it.same as today.after zuhur i'll go to the bank.go to pedas.after asar going back home then go to my another grandma's house.should use each and every minutes that i have here.yesterday went to seremban and bought some books. marshmallow for breakfast by dorothy komsoon and bumi cinta by first i want to buy two english novels but afraid i wont be able to finish to be safe i bought another malay novel.owh,and instead of buying present for azilah's wedding,i bought a water bottle for me for my final semester.
but i had a very bad experience yesterday with the JJ…

Halal Internal Auditing Workshop

hello people here i am in Mutiara Hotel,Johor Bharu attending partially the Halal Internal Auditing Workshop.yeah,not really attending but at least i gained some new knowledge on halal products.and plus new future planning for myself.there is no harm in planning right?
a little quick update before my sister's laptop out-of-battery.on tuesday i went to holiday plaza wandering around with my cousin.yesterday,i went to naoh's house and ate a lot of laksa johor.not that a lot but more than a normal lah.last night went to sedap's corner with the HDC trainers.this morning,we went to Pasar Tiram.OMG,they sold freaking worth buying clothes and shawls and scarves and everything is so cheap.compared to anywhere i've ever been.i bought scarves for my friend which are way much lower than those sold in Kelantan although actually the same thing was sold here.i bought myself a shawl and another one for my sister.for RM7.50 only.even Mydin sold it at RM8.90.amazing and worth spending.if…


hello people

so my holiday just started few days ago and it went well until today i had sore throat and mild fever.i am not that kind of pharmacy students who like to take medicine it doesn't matter a panadol or antihistamine or whatever it is.just let the sore throat and fever be there and insyAllah it'll go away week i plan to go to johor and have fun there for about a week.but i still haven't buy the ticket yet.

some of my plan this week didn't goes well same as friend bring my laptop to work in kl while i'm supposed to pick the laptop up at his house this evening after i service the i have to figure out other time maybe sometime tomorrow to take the brother is not coming back for raya so we did plan something for him.raya without him kind of meaningless but as emak said that his final exams are more important because this is his final semester and very crucial time for him.the same thing will happen to me next year.i really…

25 facts

"Once you have been tagged, you are supposed to write a note 25 random facts, or goal about you. At the end choose 25 people to be tagged, you have to tagged the person that tagged you. If I tagged you, it means I want to know more about you.
i'm pretty kind of dunno what to do now.actually i'm in the middle of sewing my jubah but suddenly remember that i haven't post anything since last week.and i remember wawa tag me with the question above.but i'm not gonna tag anyone cause i'm doing it for it comes my 25 random facts:
i was born on 30th september at 9.20 am and only 2.68 kgi love gadgets but i've to wait until i finish my study then i can change iti love baking (extremely love!) and cooking (lambat sikit nak minat ni) and sewing (paling lambat)try to improve my english language both the communication skills and writing skills (i wrote my dissertation with very very very bad english)i'm very bad in managing my ow money.even my parents money t…

vewy vewy quick update

im currently lepaking at Gold Course Hotel, near the Klang river. as near as I can see the river flow together with all the rubbish in it just activate my twitter account from celcom mobile.this is amazing like the statement "you dont need a smartphone to update your twitter status" LOL finish editing and compiling my dissertation that needs to be print and submit today my english sucks when i write the dissertation but i dont care anymore.
my plan after this: take my shower read a few clinical pharmacokinetic notes pack my stuffs and go back to puncak alam buy nasi ayam penyet for dinner on the way back to puncak alam print out and bind my dissertation and send it read international business after finish everything
insyAllah.may He give permission for me to do all the tasks today. and you take care and all the best. happy deepavali!
p/s when a kid said vewy it sounds cute but if you're an adult dont try to pronounce it like that

of final exam and FYP

life is crazy.i don't have time to write anything here. want to wish everyone good luck for final exams.good luck with that "lovely" research thingy and all the best in whatever things that you guys are up to may Allah protect us.


hello people alhamdulillah i'm officially 21 years old yesterday.i wasn't expecting any surprise birthday party or celebration because everyone is busy with their research and hospital and etc.but thanks to everyone for a great party last night.seriously i'll never forget it.such a great party before i celebrate my birthday alone next year.i just wish every day is my birthday so i can have all my friends laughing together eat together.but birthday celebration here definitely is not the same as the one that we did back in MOZAC.situations are different but the feelings are still the same.thanks a lot friends.
currently finished my 2nd week of attachment for this semester.the first one at HTAR for CDR department and 2nd week at HSB for TPN week will be again HSB for TDM department.but i still love the the case.but TPN is not that bad.manage to visit premature baby at NICU.learn how to calculate and next week don't know what is waitin…

Selamat Hari Raya

masih belum terlambat rasanya untuk ucapkan selamat hari raya. mohon maaf dari hujung rambut ke hujung kuku kaki jika ada salah silap terkasar bahasa terkecil hati.saya hanya manusia biasa yang sentiasa melakukan kesalahan. jangan simpan dalam hati ya!
sebenarnya,saya sedang berada di dalam kereta menuju ke kg.baru. wan masuk hospital semalam kerana bengkak di kakinya.doktor kata mungkin disebabkan masalah dengan jantung.saya bukan seorang doktor malah belum layak bergelar ahli farmasi.tetapi pada pendapat saya masalah yang berlaku mungkin disebabkan tindak balas ubat atau kesan sampingan beberapa jenis ubat yang wan ambil.tak apa saya hanya mampu berdoa agar wan sihat kembali.selepas ini saya dikehendaki pergi ke hospital dan nampaknya hanya boleh menjaga wan pada hari jumaat sahaja.sungguh saya berdoa wan cepat sembuh dan kuat semangat.
malam tadi saya sudahkan juga memasukkan data ke fail SPSS.itu baru separuh daripada data yang saya ada.masih ada data dari dua universiti yang belum dit…

pre Hari Raya

whats up people? i'm back at home for hari raya preparation and my mid semester break.2 weeks holiday are the longest break i've ever had since my foundation year.but next monday i'll be having buka puasa with my girl friends and after raya from wednesday till friday i'm off to kelantan to attend my classmate's wedding.i;m pretty sure i'll receive some more invitations after graduation next year insyAllah.and the invitations will always make me think when is my time?haha.kalau ada jodoh tak ke girl friends are pretty crazy with these wedding-boyfriend things and everytime we met that'll be one of our hot topic.
talking bout my future.i've already planned something for myself except for that getting married part caused it can happen anytime.insyAllah i'll finish my study next July.after that i'll work at hospital either in Negri Sembilan or Selangor or theory is simple.if ministry of health wants to sent me farther than neg…


aku keliru tapi kamu tak pernah beritahu
kadang kamu mahu kadang kamu seakan jemu maka aku tambah keliru
aku cuba jadi biasa seperti kamu dan dia tapi kadang perbuatanmu luar biasa hingga aku kembali rasa istimewa
Ya Allah bantulah aku insan hina di dunia
Ya Allah kuatkanlah hatiku menghadapi suka duka berliku


again Ramadhan the holy month is here the month where we have to fast during the day and solat tarawih after isya' salam Ramadhan
hello people i'm blogging from my home sweet home arrived here yesterday morning after fighting with sleepiness driving from puncak alam to rembau i had gulai ikan sardin yesterday.i think whatever my mum cook will always taste better than other food.although i'm not a big fan of sardin but it really taste nice.
i want to bank in the money for Syarikat Kamal yesterday but due to some problems it can't be done.emak asked me to go and pay on my own but i really need to find time for that.insyAllah maybe next wednesday i can try to go and pay.
and our classmate just become a father yesterday.congratulations and welcome to the world Muhammad Thaqief Daniel!
so today have to go and send car for service.and while waiting will go to Nagoya with emak.ladies shopping i guess for Hari Raya.haha.still have some notes to read and CBL to prepare.luckily i didn…


hello people.hello world. again i'm sorry for not writing here.i can see some spider webs here and there. shall i blame on the timetable or blame the internet connection. blame myself for never learn how to manage time well. the theory currently is i need to wake up early morning around 2 or 3 to use the internet.broadband kind of disappointing here and only works well during the day and early i have to adjust my own sleeping cycle to use the net.
few updates as i always do to prevent writing a long long essay with a lot of grammar errors.
had my viva and written test for cardiovascular is not that bad.but i already lost 10 marks for the essay.stress.
gonna watch cuci the musical this saturday as my car has not been serviced and abah does not allowed me to go to cameron highland.i changed my plan and do other things.
i will have another test this monday and i'm tired of it already.
i can't wait for Ramadhan and i hope i can khatam Al-Quran this Ramadhan.

sudah lama

hai.hello. i do miss you blog.i miss writing here but the internet connection does not allow me to do so.when i'm back at home i am too lazy to write and rather sleep than do anything.but now i am writing to kill the time while waiting for my sisters to go to malacca.
it has been three weeks i am back at home.either i drove the car or by for the next 3 weeks i'll be in puncak is coming.presentations are waiting.really need to do better this semester.i only have two semester to maintain my cgpa and graduate with second class is not that i don't want to graduate with first class but i think it is already too late for me to aim like that.i'll try my best and i want to make everyone happy.insyAllah another one more year.
a few things.i already settled into our new house but still waiting for the internet connection.broadband connection is not that good there.i'll distribute questionnaire next week.already start keying in data for the …


hello people kind of little busy with new schedule.old heart.
currently i'm at home.spending precious weekend instead of staying alone in puncak alam. actually,i need to come back to replace my road tax.and buy some stuffs.unfortunately,i decided to buy a table and chair as i desperately need one.i can't do works on the floor.blame UiTM for providing us such a comfy facilities for us for one whole year.and i do miss college's facilities once we moved into this new,i'm gonna wait for the scholar to be here and go to some furniture's store or IKEA and buy some wardrobe or whatever storage solutions for my clothes.
the timetable for this semester is not that full with Friday officially our Research Day.but we will have classes until late evening in Monday and Tuesday.few classes for Wed and Thurs and no class at all in Friday.i can freely go back early that Friday.a few classes already start this week.already have assignments to su…

minggu ketujuh

hello whats up peeps?
so now im officially finish my industrial training and currently having a week break before the new semester start.what happen last week?it's quite nice and sad moment.
mr.faiz visit us on wednesday.manage to prepare the most stable toothpaste formulation.attend two talks from Prof Amel from Sfax University,Tunisia.and friday is my last day in CEPP.suddenly feel sad to leave my practical friends and supervisors there.they are really nice and my supervisor even made a keychain with my name on it.then after office hours,my auntie already waits for me and directly go back i'm out of johor less than 24 hours after i finished my practical.
another week before class start means lepaking and doing nothing academic.yesterday is such a very bad day to scanner can't be fixed.and pretty angry to my laptop needs to be serviced but don't have time to leave it there.even the contractor didn't come to my granny house for the cabinet.i'…