Saturday, July 24, 2010

sudah lama

i do miss you blog.i miss writing here but the internet connection does not allow me to do so.when i'm back at home i am too lazy to write and rather sleep than do anything.but now i am writing to kill the time while waiting for my sisters to go to malacca.

it has been three weeks i am back at home.either i drove the car or by for the next 3 weeks i'll be in puncak is coming.presentations are waiting.really need to do better this semester.i only have two semester to maintain my cgpa and graduate with second class is not that i don't want to graduate with first class but i think it is already too late for me to aim like that.i'll try my best and i want to make everyone happy.insyAllah another one more year.

a few things.i already settled into our new house but still waiting for the internet connection.broadband connection is not that good there.i'll distribute questionnaire next week.already start keying in data for the pilot case based learning every week.hang out with friends are part of my task every week.we need time to relax.and today i'm gonna buy a plastic wardrobe so i can hang my clothes.a proper and cheap's kind of a waste to buy 100 over wardrobe and later i've to left it there.

new semester kind of killing me with the weekly CBL and all there research things.but life must goes on as the seniors always said that sem 7 are difficult and the busiest semester.accept the i am now in my room in puncak more home until first week of's raining quite heavily outside.please stop raining after isyak cause i need to go out later.

today.i am tired.mentally and physically.
take care peeps!


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