Saturday, July 10, 2010


hello people
kind of little busy with new schedule.old heart.

currently i'm at home.spending precious weekend instead of staying alone in puncak alam.
actually,i need to come back to replace my road tax.and buy some stuffs.unfortunately,i decided to buy a table and chair as i desperately need one.i can't do works on the floor.blame UiTM for providing us such a comfy facilities for us for one whole year.and i do miss college's facilities once we moved into this new,i'm gonna wait for the scholar to be here and go to some furniture's store or IKEA and buy some wardrobe or whatever storage solutions for my clothes.

the timetable for this semester is not that full with Friday officially our Research Day.but we will have classes until late evening in Monday and Tuesday.few classes for Wed and Thurs and no class at all in Friday.i can freely go back early that Friday.a few classes already start this week.already have assignments to submit this Monday and i nearly forgot about it.

we went to Wong Solo and i-City last Friday.a nice night out with the girls and currently looking forward to go to the Pesta Flora at putrajaya.insyAllah if i have time and money.

okay now i need to complete my industrial report before tomorrow.take care mate!


sYuHaDah said...

hehe kind of agree with u ...i miss college's facilities too

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