Friday, October 1, 2010


hello people
alhamdulillah i'm officially 21 years old yesterday.i wasn't expecting any surprise birthday party or celebration because everyone is busy with their research and hospital and etc.but thanks to everyone for a great party last night.seriously i'll never forget it.such a great party before i celebrate my birthday alone next year.i just wish every day is my birthday so i can have all my friends laughing together eat together.but birthday celebration here definitely is not the same as the one that we did back in MOZAC.situations are different but the feelings are still the same.thanks a lot friends.

currently finished my 2nd week of attachment for this semester.the first one at HTAR for CDR department and 2nd week at HSB for TPN week will be again HSB for TDM department.but i still love the the case.but TPN is not that bad.manage to visit premature baby at NICU.learn how to calculate and next week don't know what is waiting for us.

actually have to meet supervisor this morning but then he has meeting and now have to wait for him until my plan today i have to change a lot.thats why people said we can only plan but Allah will decide.i have to accept it.btw,my front plat number is broken.don't know whether its my fault or someone else because i didn't realize it before and i can't even remember if i hit anything.hopefully abah won't get angry laa.

just plan to write a few things cause i need to pack my stuffs and continue re-write my thesis.take care you!


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