Saturday, October 31, 2009


suddenly im so sleepy while reading alkaloid.if you wonder what alkaloid is please google it.i need to finish this last piece of note,i made another cup of nescafe and hopefully i can stay up till subuh.and tomorrow please don't disturb me because im going to sleep till noon.

the biotechnology paper is over and i think i've done my best.although i can't answer question 1 and 4 but i try my best to write something.hopefully im gonna pass that paper.and for this coming pharmacognosy,i hope what dr.syed adnan showed to us on my birthday will come out.hanah and i typed the words from the slides back and we hope at least we can do something to help each other right?

i think im getting fatter.i eat a lot and nescafe really make gain some weight and have some more fats around.this is another reason why i didn't like exams.stress induced you to eat more and your weight is out of control.i've to eat because im afraid my gastric will come during exams and i already prepared gaviscon inside my bag in case anything happen.

i have another 5 paper to go and some of my friends really make me feel like the exams is over.haha.i don't know what will happen to us when the exams is really really over.maybe we should play water balloon that evening.

okay now im a lil bit refreshed and should continue my alkaloid.good night people.and to my friends wake up and study dear.


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