Friday, October 23, 2009

final exam is here

hello people

finally all the classes is over and now the final examination is knocking on the door
i never like examination.and i think nobody likes it too
but after exam is the best time to enjoy and relax with your friends and family
i wish i can find cheap tickets to sarawak after exam but i dont think i can
so better plan something with my friends before my practical starts

i already assigned what i've to study everyday and hopefully im disciplined enough to follow the tight schedule.perhaps i should be more disciplined at home too.proof it to abah that i can study at home.insyAllah.i didn't expect to get dean's list award this semester because i don't feel like learning anything this semester!im a little bit lost especially finance.i need someone to teach me that 'interesting' subject.i know i love calculation and even i scored A for marketing that doesn't have any calculations but i just hope i pass this finance paper.

i dont know how and where and when to study during this a few days study break.last semester everyday i studied with my friends at library but this year since we're at the new campus it seems a litte bit difficult to find a place and i think i should start stay up again.but stay up late at night always influence me to worried cause lately i eat a lot.a lot means a lot.this morning my brunch is mihun goreng and roti,i decided to take nasi at least once daily in a small amount so i'll not get hungry easily.hopefully.

insyAllah im going to open my braces this saturday.finally after nearly 5 years with these stainless steel.and i have a day without anything on my teeth before i've to wear the retainers.

maybe i should take a nap or just do something before packing up my things to bring going back by komuter today.this is the first time im going back through public transport.

have a nice weekend people.take care.


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