Saturday, October 3, 2009

sudah berhabuk!

should i blame the internet connection or my dear laptop for not updating my blog lately?or me myself who does not really care about it.but at least i still remember you not totally forgotten about you.the internet connection is getting more ridiculous lately and unfortunately my laptop was attacked by a virus which forced me to reformat my laptop.and i have to wait till i downloaded every driver from the internet then i can reformat takes time and i hope it will be so much better after this.

so a lot of things happen.jamuan hari raya.the professorial lecture.birthday was great.too great and meaningful to me especially when i turned 20.not a teen-agers anymore but no worries because most of my friends already entitled to vote and im im still young.jamuan hari raya was successfully organized by all of us.everyone contribute and enjoy it.i try my best for it and thats what i can not perfect so there must be some mistakes somewhere.sorry for that.professorial lecture on friday was another great event.but we're damn tired that day.lack of sleep.and i think i can only sleep properly tomorrow night if i can.or else sunday morning.

i took 2 days to complete this post.i have a lot of things in my mind and even i cant write properly.i need someone to talk badly.but there are some things i cant tell everyone.the things are killing me.i dont know how long will i take to go back hurts me so much.damn.Ya Allah please help me.

i think i'll continue later.i have a test tomorrow and oral test for exam is just around the corner.good luck and all the best.


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