Tuesday, October 13, 2009

sibuk sibuk sibuk

i really need extra time for myself.i think my body is having some sort of stomach and back discomfort.for this two weeks time i think i should ignore this things but i'll pay a visit to the nearest clinic when im going back home for my braces removal.

the internet is getting slower day by day and my newly reformat laptop is doing good despite im missing certain applications.list of assignments and labs is getting longer and my printer is not doing his job.this is so ridiculous.the mandarin test is over but still we need to complete the drama part to be submitted next week.im losing my precious weekend again.

my laundry is waiting in the toilet so i'll write again when the time is here and the internet is doing good.my lab this afternoon is related to frog.although i have my own mr.frog but i never like the real frog.im going to make a distance between me and the frog.

take care people and enjoy every minute of your life wherever you are whoever you're with.


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