Friday, March 13, 2009


hello people
today is friday.i've been waiting since a few weeks going back home.yes yes im gonna meet my grandparents,cousins,aunties,sisters,parents and everybody.although i've to spend half day at malacca on saturday but still have time to enjoy myself at home.

but have to remember the chemotherapeutic test on monday and dr.rosmadi's assignment.i haven't complete his assignment yet.huhu.and even haven't start studying for the test.alamak now i wish i've enough time to do all these tasks.inilah akibatnya kerja bertangguh.

spend my day at rgv yesterday.sejuknya di sana.and buka puasa dengan nasi RM 2.50.hehe.thanks amir tolong belikan for us.and suddenly i want to drink watermelon juice.and unfortunately my friends forgot to buy for me.i really want to drink it and thanks to ashraf.kalau tak mesti sampai esok baru dapat cari lagi air tembikai.malam ini bolehlah tidur lena.haha

sebelum balik esok ada kuiz mandarin lagi.aduhai.jadi malam ini sama-sama lah kita menghafal perkataan-perkataan thinking of dividing my precious time to study and complete dr.rosmadi's assignment.

selamat malam semua!


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