Sunday, March 1, 2009

i miss you,
i miss you so much.i wish i have more than 24 hours to spend time and write to you.i have a lot of things to write here tapi macam tak ada mood pula.too many stuffs in my mind and too many emotions playing around.

life always as good and as busy as before.just a little time for us to relax and free from some notes for a test for next week.but assignments are waiting friends.dont forget that.

last friday,
we packed things to give away to the orphanage at sekendi.and finally as usual i fall asleep at rgv.i need to bring small cushion to rgv next time and together with ubat nyamuk.

we went to sekendi.playing with the kids and make them happy for a while i think.unfortunately i feel guilty towards one girl.during the kotak beracun game,im the one who incharge the just joking when i said dia tak sporting and i never thought that she'll cry.during the tea-break i try to approach her and pujuk balik but she refuse and i dont know what to do.half of my moods gone at that time.but i learned never let the situation controls you but you should control the situation.

we continue the mission with sukaneka and aerobik.i hope everybody enjoy it very well.finally,the prize giving ceremony and persembahan dari adik-adik sekendi.their voices are amazing and,im sorry for those yang terasa dengan anything i said or anything that i've really sorry for that.

kami ada annual event,futsal piala dekan.but today,we feel like something missing.ada benda yang tak kena.of course accident yang melibatkan our friend itu salah satu sebab semua perkara jadi macam tak best.tapi seriusly ada satu perasaan yang tak sama macam tahun-tahun lepas.whatever it is,i feel good shouting and cheering for the game.i hope tomorrow i still have some voices to speak.if futsal can release 1% of my stress,shouting and cheering help me to reduce my stress by 2%.haha.

looking at you its difficult for me.everything like coming back to me.all the memories.but i cant keep myself from doing it.even,to talk to you pun its so hard for me cause im afraid you'll ignore me and it'll be me yang malu nanti.btw, i owe you a meal and please tell me when you want me to belanja you makan.

better get ready for tonight!


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