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a little bit happy with my marketing presentation
although i skip my lunch to complete the task
and have to susahkan hanah to print the slides
still we can present it very well for me lah
and i love marketing!

everybody had their lunch so its only me yang lapar bila waktu petang
then teringat maggi ruski yang tak dimakan lagi
so sweet bila makan ruski after maghrib tadi
and i use air panas instead of masak atas api
betul-betul rasa macam kat asrama.hehe

tomorrow ada lab pharmaceutical analysis
and meeting sophys juga
and tomorrow mereka pergi konsert Jason Mraz.huhu
a little bit menyesal sebab tak beli tiket juga
tapi tak apa.percaya yang pasti ada hikmah disebaliknya.

im looking forward to go back home
i want to eat good food
and i wish i can eat durian fresh from the tree.ada durian ke sekarang?

mahu tidurlah sekarang.walaupun dah tidur tadi tapi masih mengantuk lagi
esok kelas dr.wong.nanti takut dia main tanya-tanya lagi
aduh takutnya.huhu

i love you!
..goodnight everybody..


anumz sarah said…
Ketakutan bila dr wong memanggil nama dan tanya juga. Dpt rasa bahawa dia betul2 sdg 'mengeram' kemarahan.(Aku sgt setuju dgnmu izzati,dia amat bagus dan menakutkan juga!!!)
izzati said…
anumz sarah,

mmg takut tp alhamdulillah semakin faham mengenai suspension.but im so glad i talked to him during our lab and he is so cool and best la.
but we should learn from him a lot of things la
iNn said…
ohhh bet...
ko mengigatkn ako pd mi ruski..
seyes da trlupe pasal megi tu dowh..
n now baru ingt..megi kegemaran mase kat asrama...haha..tomyam plg masyuk.. :P
izzati said…
mane boleh lupa maggi tu.masyuk gile bila makan wktu stay up.haha
aku dpt mkn maggi ayam semlm pun dh rasa nikmat gile.lps ni target crk tomyam plak.
anumz sarah said…
Barangkali boleh buat association of maggi lover pula. Hehehe.. dari crocs,ke pharmball then Pharmggi? I don't think so!! LOL ^^!!
izzati said…
anumz sarah,
haha.pharmggi?sounds weird.better not to make any suggestion kt diorg.nnt kene appoint jd founder of the group.:D
nazeera said…
ya ampun bet
ko ni ade je benda wat aku giur
aritu tosai,skg magi ruski le pula!!!!

izzati said…
hehe.kalo dah nama betty mane sah kalo x ckp pasal makan.
sbnrnye nk srh naz balik cpt ni!

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