Sunday, March 22, 2009

crappy things!

i know i supposed to study my marketing notes but im half of it already
and i should talk about the previous grand dinner but i skipped
something in my mind right now

okay i think i really have to stop
stop missing you
stop waiting for you
stop liking you
cause i know there is no point for me to do all these things
you're not mine

somebody please get mad and scold me
i need to wake up and clear my mind
besides you're not the same person like before

i dont know why
but the way you act i know its not gonna be the same
you can say its me who changed and bla bla bla
we're viewing two different persons here
you and me

i tried my best but i failed
i dont know until when i can survive like this
fighting with all these emotions,confusions

you know me,dont lie
but im a little bit confused with you lately
but its okay im fine with you right now

if you ask me now why i said you changed
my answer will be i dont know
dont get mad
because that is my answer
and its my feeling and emotions that generate the answer
you better ask them

i wish time will help me
to overcome everything
to learn to accept you as my friend
to be strong with whatever gonna happen
to smile when i heard anything about you
and not to cry anymore
its a torture to myself and it hurts a lot

help me people!


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