Tuesday, March 31, 2009

19 years ago

19 years 6 months 1 day

i wish i'll be like a small girl forever

emak and abah and everybody take care of me

dont have to think about anything.i can just cry and cry and cry

what a lovely day in my life.haha

i've to study for my test tomorrow tapi hidung saya tersumbat

okay another reason for me.haha

malam ini saya berfikir siapa saya dahulu

always crying in the evening.fighting with my brother.

i wish i'll always be my mother and father baby no matter how.

sorry adik and alang.you know i love you right?haha

but life still a life and cant remain the same

i know you're gonna read this entry.

can i stay at home?dont have to study.dont have to go anywhere.

sleep for the whole day.eat what i want.cry when nobody wants to play with me.

a little bit of homesickness here

especially when im hungry and keep on thinking what to eat but

i cant eat what i want to.arghh..

i want to go back home now!


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