Saturday, February 13, 2010

mid semester break

hello dear

its our mid semester break together with chinese new year great it is to spend your holiday at home together with my family.but in the same time the tasks and assignments and tests all come together.i envy my friends who can finish all their task and can enjoy their holiday to the fullest.luckily my family does not has any plan for this break.and even my brother is not coming back from UTP.pity you brother.

last night my roommate spend her night with a friend and honestly i do not mind sleep alone anymore because i am used to it now.i think i sleep 8 hours last night which should give me enough energy to drive back today.hopefully.

my list of task is getting longer and red in colour.i really need to do my proposal after finish typing the CAL of the researcher emailed me the questionnaire and i am glad at least i have one questionnaire to refer.and actually,i am still not clear with the topic that i am plan is just to write and try to do the best.

on saturday we went to one percy jackson and bought a multipurpose bag.for cass and also for leisure.i need a big bag because i tend to put a lot of things inside.a lot means a asked for it and most probably i can take it out from my bag.ate naan at ampang and then i drove back from ampang to bongek.slept at 2 a.m and later wake up at 7 a.m to realize that we have a family gathering today.

after both of them start their journey back,we went to kajang and i ate lots of mutton.i really fall in love with mutton.but i love the grilled or bbqed one only.mutton curry not in my list.then we drive over to alamanda because my sister wants to find a suit.i bought a t-shirt at esprit outlet which costs me only 49.90 ringgit.the person did not want to let me buy the xl because he said it is too big and later at home i think i need xl to wear it more comfortable.whatever just wear it laa cause i already bought it.

then the muttons make me feel headache now!


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