Sunday, February 7, 2010

sunday sunday and monday

hello people

today is sunday but the day is over and tomorrow monday is waiting and thats mean my new week begins and this is my last week before mid semester break for a week.can't wait for a break because this hectic life schedule is driving me crazy.but still i have lots f works to be submitted after break.i hope i can do it earlier and then i can enjoy the rest of my holiday.

days seems to walk faster than before.tomorrow is monday and the next thing we realize is its already friday.together with the hospital attachment,assignments,test.our prime minister is coming to officiate our new campus on friday and yeah we've to stay and dramatically welcome him to our campus.i think they spend millions on landscaping and repairing this new campus.

hey,finally my scholar is here!
cool.i transfer some amount into my mum's account as my personal financial manger.spend few hundreds for books.i mean its educational books.those books are damn expensive.but that is exactly what scholars are for.haha.yesterday bought baju kurung for hospital.we can't wear pants at selayang hospital so in a week basically i wear 4 pairs of baju kurung.maybe i should get another 2 baju kurung this holiday.but i should thank all tax payers for your money.thank you!

one of the faculty organised their sports carnival and damn they made a lot of sounds and this semester my room is facing padang kawad where the court is located.interesting!
they're shouting,screaming and i feel like killing them.its really disturbing and annoying.

lots of things happen.good,bad,happy,sad.still we're here together facing all the difficulties.the memories will remain here.the important thing is enjoy every second that we have.

take care and all the best people!


~fiOnAbEE~ said...

bet..nape ek selayang hosp xbagi pki pants?? weird..

izzati said...

sebab KPF(ketua pegawai farmasi) x suka pakai pants kot.mmg alternatif for baju kurung adelah long skirt.kecuali punjabi boleh la pakai seluar

~fiOnAbEE~ said...

oho..haha..pelik glr! hmph! or maybe sbb govt nye hosp kot govt ke selayang tu?

izzati said...

yup govt my friends kt hosp lain ok je pakai seluar.x tau la apsal.

MaRdHatILLah(Fatahiyyah) said...

maaf lama x menziarah...biasala sekarang ni masa cepat berlalu..skrg ni...seminggu rasa sehari jer...dan terlalu bnyak kerja yg nk di setllekan

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