Thursday, November 25, 2010

Halal Internal Auditing Workshop

hello people
here i am in Mutiara Hotel,Johor Bharu attending partially the Halal Internal Auditing Workshop.yeah,not really attending but at least i gained some new knowledge on halal products.and plus new future planning for myself.there is no harm in planning right?

a little quick update before my sister's laptop out-of-battery.on tuesday i went to holiday plaza wandering around with my cousin.yesterday,i went to naoh's house and ate a lot of laksa johor.not that a lot but more than a normal lah.last night went to sedap's corner with the HDC trainers.this morning,we went to Pasar Tiram.OMG,they sold freaking worth buying clothes and shawls and scarves and everything is so cheap.compared to anywhere i've ever been.i bought scarves for my friend which are way much lower than those sold in Kelantan although actually the same thing was sold here.i bought myself a shawl and another one for my sister.for RM7.50 only.even Mydin sold it at RM8.90.amazing and worth spending.if i have a lot of money i would buy more things.

maybe tomorrow we are going to air hitam.maybe some shopping.forgot to tell we are going to have some chinese cuisine at Meisan Chinese Restaurant here.we are going to Alai for some ikan bakar with my aunties on Monday but definitely will have to cut some grass and lost some weight first before another food-hunting session.i shall update with what we've discussed with my friends more thing,one of the trainer asked my age and he thought i'm already 26 years old.okay fine i look i?


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