Thursday, November 4, 2010

vewy vewy quick update


im currently lepaking at Gold Course Hotel, near the Klang river.
as near as I can see the river flow together with all the rubbish in it
just activate my twitter account from celcom mobile.this is amazing like the statement "you dont need a smartphone to update your twitter status" LOL
finish editing and compiling my dissertation that needs to be print and submit today
my english sucks when i write the dissertation but i dont care anymore.

my plan after this:
take my shower
read a few clinical pharmacokinetic notes
pack my stuffs and go back to puncak alam
buy nasi ayam penyet for dinner on the way back to puncak alam
print out and bind my dissertation and send it
read international business after finish everything

insyAllah.may He give permission for me to do all the tasks today.
and you take care and all the best.
happy deepavali!

p/s when a kid said vewy it sounds cute but if you're an adult dont try to pronounce it like that


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